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P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball 2.0

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Your crafty canine deserves a chance to prove his smarts. Drop a treat inside this colorful puzzle treat toy and watch him work it out. (You may have to show him the ropes, so he learns that he gets a snack from solving his game.)

P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball 2.0 has three holes in its clear top to entice your pup with snack scents. Colorful outer shell holds a vignette of a pupper who is eager to play. Drop bite-size treats or kibble inside to let your dog detective spin and tip the toy, freeing the reward through one of the small holes.

  • Made from tough and durable polycarbonate and ABS thermoplastic
  • Certified 100% dishwasher safe
  • Unscrew the top from bottom for cleaning, tightening before sharing with your pup
  • Three rubber encased cloud-shape openings range in size from 1” x 0.63” to 1.5” x 0.88” for treat retrieval
  • Challenge for problem solvers
  • Slow your pup’s eating roll by using it as a puzzle feeder

Note: Wobble Ball is not a chew or fetch toy, but a fun interactive treat dispensing toy. If your pup starts chewing on the Wobble Ball, remove the toy and set it down in a different place to restart the play cycle. The Wobble Ball is meant to be nudged, pawed and rolled around with your dog's paw and snout, and your dog's jaw should never be forced into the openings.

Note 2: For pet use only. Not a child’s toy. No pet toy is indestructible. Not a chew toy! This toy is not edible. Supervision required. Remove if your pet tries to bite off or swallow pieces of toy.