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    Beco Pets

    Beco Natural Rubber Flyer



    There’s a magic to a game of catch or fetch with a flying disc, and some pups can’t get into the magic because the disk is too hard. Set your buddy up for success with a soft and flexible fetcher like Beco Flyer. It’s gentle on the teeth and has raised edges so it’s easier for your pup to pick up after a missed catch.


    • Color: Orange
    • Sizes: 9.5", Weight: 0.7lbs
    • Made from all-natural rubber and rice husk fibers
    • Non-toxic
    • Unique texture, cleans teeth in play time
    • Suitable for dogs above 30lbs
    • Softer outer layer to protect pups' teeth
    • 100% natural and biodegradable
    • Designed in UK; Made in ethical factory in China


    NOTE:For pet use only. Not a child’s toy. No pet toy is indestructible. Not a chew toy! This toy is not edible. Supervision required. Remove if your pet tries to bite off or swallow pieces of toy.

    Beco pets believe every animal, small or large, can make a big difference. Their toys are made from plant-based materials including rice husks fibers, natural rubber, and hemp with recycled plastic bottles. Their journey in green business has made a significant impact by recycled over 1.8 million plastic bottles in one year in the world contributing to clean air and a clear ocean.