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    Chopper & Otis

    Ball, Hoop on Rope & Flyer Bundle



    Beco Ball and Beco Hoop on Rope come in random color (Blue, Green or Pink) depending on whats in stock. If you have specific requirement for the colors, please add a note in the cart. We will do our best :)

    Bundle comes in two sizes:

    • Small: best for dogs 0-35 LBS/0-15 KG (see detail below)
    • Large: best for dogs 35-90 LBS/15-40KG (see detail below)

    Bundle contains the following:

    • Beco Ball is assymetrical, giving it some extra wobble to keep your pup entertained. More importantly, it has a hidey hole for treats.
      • Size: 
        • Small – 2.5” (Tennis ball size) 
        • Large – 3”
    • Beco Hoop on Rope has a stretchy and flexible hoop with a soft rope made from natural cotton. Now both of you and your pup can feel tough without discomfort.
      • Sizes:
        • Small => Hoop Diameter - 4.7”, Rope Length - 9"
        • Large => Hoop Diameter - 6.5”, Rope Length - 11.4"
    • SodaPup Bottle Top Flyer is a durable toy that can easily be washed after an adventure through the mud. A flyer that is perfect for backyard and dog park play so your buddy burns off energy while you kick back and relax.
      • Size: 
        • Small: 7”, 0.75" thick
        • Large: 9.75” , 1" thick

    NOTE:For pet use only. Not a child’s toy. No pet toy is indestructible. Not a chew toy! This toy is not edible. Supervision required. Remove if your pet tries to bite off or swallow pieces of toy.

    Beco pets believe every animal, small or large, can make a big difference. Their toys are made from plant-based materials including rice husks fibers, natural rubber, and hemp with recycled plastic bottles. Their journey in green business has made a significant impact by recycled over 1.8 million plastic bottles in one year in the world contributing to clean air and a clear ocean.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Super fun set

    When these arrived I was afraid they would be too big for my Frenchie. He loves them! Usually he prefers soft toys, but these were a huge hit. He will run and play with the flyer disc all on his own. It's adorable.

    Beco Fetch Bundle is Boston Terrier tolerant!

    For as little as they are, Boston's have a tremendous jaw and every toy I purchased previously, especially toys with squeakers, would be dismantled in less than one hour by my little Stella. Finally found these toys and she is not damaging them – but she has tried. If there is a favorite among the 3 toys it is the pull rope/ring. She loves tug-of-war and now I actually have a chance of competing with her using this toy.