About Chopper & Otis

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    My name is Jung-Shan Lee. I love dogs, so you can call me the crazy dog lady! They have inspired me so much that I'm running a business for them (well, for the planet! duh!) I launched Chopper & Otis in March 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA. When I'm not working, I enjoy hiking, spending weekends with my pups and husband in dog-friendly cabins and traveling around the world. 

    Mom Here - The Boring Human!

    We are a team of 2 dogs + 1 human. We enjoy the outdoors from mountains to lakes, from hiking to boating. The non-stop sniffing, wide open eyes and big smiles on the faces of Chopper & Otis' faces is ever-priceless. This is where my vision began, I wanted to create a product line inspired by the uniqueness and funkiness of my dogs.

    Today, I produce high-quality, environmentally-friendly dog products. Sustainability and green initiatives are very important to us, because a happy planet equals happy puppies with healthy, durable toys. Each toy is tested by friends and people in our community. They help me analyze which toys are best for your dog by breed, weight, size, and other criteria. I also provide toys for pups with atopy, allergies, stress issues and other sensitivities.

    Dog owners love our fashionable, ethically made t-shirts too! During every step of the process, from manufacturing practices and manufacturing waste, to supplier best practices, to materials used, to packaging; my company’s commitment is to maintain health and happiness for our planet, our people and our pets.

    Chopper & Otis: Traveling Railroad PA

    Chopper Finds A Way to Calm

    Chopper is little dog with a bit of anxiety, so our plush ‘pacifier’ gives him great comfort. He loves to suck on plush toys, in fact, he generally has the toy in his mouth for hours and will even fall asleep with it in his mouth! Because many dog toys are made with artificial dyes, toxic plastics and other ingredients, I always worry how the products are made. I research the material and the manufacturing process. Will it be safe for him to keep in his mouth for long periods of time? My hand-selected brands, allow me to trust that he is safe when he puts all of his tension and worry in the ‘pacifier’

    Otis Has A Ball

    For Otis, his ball is life. This one would love to have me throw a ball all day long! He is also keen on bone chewing. Same situation as Chopper…is the ball’s plastic safe? Would I want to put that material in my mouth all the time? The toys that are made with recycled non-toxic material are the perfect answer and these toys last so much longer!

    Our Mission

    We love the earth. We love ethically made. We only feature toy brands I have personally selected. Our human apparel is made with limited to negative impact on earth as well. With a little effort, we can keep the earth colorful and clean. Our pups and everyone sharing the planet will be happier for it too! Please join our mailing list to learn about new developments and products!

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