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    Chopper & Otis

    Sunshine Dogs Bundle


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    Duraplush Fuzzball, Beco Soft Plush (Bear or Giraffe), and Wobble Ball are all in one bundle for your smart and cuddly pup who loves to snuggle and a good play time with treats.


    Duraplush Fuzzball is our #1 best selling fuzzy plush ball! Look at this softie! Fuzzball is plush and easy to carry. Built-in surprised eyes will prove to friends and family how tough your pup really is! Sizes: Small - 6", Medium - 8", Large - 10"


    Wobble Ball 2.0 Your crafty canine deserves a chance to prove his smarts. Drop a treat inside this colorful puzzle treat toy and watch him work it out. (You may have to show him the ropes, so he learns that he gets a snack from solving his game.) Size: One Size


    Toby the Teddy will be right at home in your den with your dog. Squishy face and body paired with stubby legs and ears make it easy for your best friend to tote this pal around the house. With three sizes available, you’re sure to find the right fit for your best friend. (Get all three and play Goldilocks with your pupper.)Sizes: Small - 6.7”, Medium – 9.5”, Large – 11.8”


    - or -


    George the Giraffe is easy to capture from the expanse of your living room floor. His long neck is designed for carrying ease. No pesky legs for your dog to shred means more hours of play. With three sizes available, you can get the perfect size for your buddy or bring home an entire herd. Sizes: Small - 6.7”, Medium – 9.5”, Large – 11.8”

    Duraplush Fuzzball and Wobble ball 2.0 come in the color as pictured. If you have specific requirement for the colors, please add a note in the cart. We will do our best :)


    Note: For pet use only. Not a child’s toy. No pet toy is indestructible. Not a chew toy! This toy is not edible. Supervision required. Remove if your pet tries to bite off or swallow pieces of toy.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Love the bundle!!

    The wobble is exactly what I was hoping for. Both dogs interact with the wobble differently, but the outcome is still the same. They get 1/2 their meals through the wobble, and it keeps them entertained. Nice to be able to take wobble apart to clean as well.
    The Fuzzball is great to get them active. They chase it down and both try and steal it from each other on the way back. Great retrieving toy for the inside.
    My one doodle has very sharp teeth so when she got the alligator she thought she would eat some of the teeth. Not a big deal. The rest has stayed in tacked. I was very happy with my bundle purchase.

    Sunshine dog bundle

    As soon as I came in and sat on the floor to open it they new it was for them! They both grabbed one and ran away to chew away! Till I put treats in the treat thing! They love them! Thank you Chopper & Otis! I'm so glad I won this!

    Best thing I bought for my dog

    Best box I bought for my dog. She absolutely loves it!

    This bundle is so perfect

    This bundle is so perfect for my dogs! One likes to cuddle with the gator, the other one likes to suckle on the fuzzball! The wobble ball is popular among my dogs! They love to roll it around for treats :joy:

    The giant ball is sooo

    The giant ball is sooo much fun! And yet to be destroyed by our wild guy :heart_eyes:. The Gator is fun, even after his squeaker-ectomy :rofl:. And we love using food dispensing toys to slow Hank down so that was a big hit too!!