Puppy Toys

    These are puppy toys especially made for all puppies large and small. All puppies need toys to encourage healthy chewing. Puppy toys also keep your puppy busy, and away from furniture and your favorite shoes. A safe and non-toxic puppy toy will not harm your puppy, and may keep him busy for hours. Our puppy dog toys are stimulating, and allow for your puppies to play freely. Puppy dog toys also help to reduce separation anxiety and boredom.

    To show that you love your puppy, spoil him with durable, safe and eco-friendly Chopper & Otis puppy toys, that are designed to encourage play for small and large puppy teeth. All our puppy toys have superior durability to handle gentle to power chewers too. Safer and more durable with exciting colors, and fun animal characters to get doggo drooling.

    Puppy chew toys also feature different sizes to inspire your pup’s instinctual needs. We carry a safe and non-toxic puppy toy collection to welcome your new puppy home, and to encourage chewing, but only on those specially selected chew toys!

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