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    Why You Should Be Buying 100% Organic Cotton

    We’re not sure if there are a couple of Boston Terriers out there who love cotton more than we do.

    I mean, we reallllylove cotton- so much so that we often tear it out of our favorite toys and artfully redecorate the house with it! Doesn’t it make the room feel a bit more cozy?

    Doggy interior design aside, we need to be honest with each other...

    These little balls of fluff are actually doing more harm than good. Why? Because most products, from clothes to dog toys, are made with synthetic petrochemical materials or ‘conventional cotton’that can cause major damage to our environment, our humans, and our pups.

    Did you know that it takes 20,000 liters of water to produce just one ‘conventional cotton’ t-shirt? And that a single non-organic cotton shirt will be exposed to up to 8,000 different chemicals during the production process?

    Now that’s something to keep you up at night!

    Chopper & Otis

    Time for the good stuff

    Luckily for us, the organic movement has had great success in combating the negative effects of traditional industrial farming practices by promoting sustainable fashion and eco-friendly pet supplies.

    100% organic cotton is rain-fed and doesn’t use anyharmful pesticides or insecticides. Compared to conventionally grown cotton, which soaks up a lot more water and chemicals than most other agricultural products,these sustainable fabrics are the key to protecting our planet.

    Chopper & Otis | Earth Day | Mother Planet

    Let’s cut the chemicals

    In fact, conventional cotton uses as much as 25% of the world’s insecticides, even though it only accounts for 2.5% of the planet’s crop land. The chemicals dissolve off the plant and drain into the ground, ruining the soil, poisoning the waterways and polluting the ecosystem.

    But it doesn’t all wash off the plant- once harvested, the chemicals linger and can stay in the fabric of your clothing. Microscopic particles, smaller than even a dog can see, fall off and become dust in your home. Children and pets can then breathe in or ingest these little bits of poison unintentionally.

    Think of all the snuggles you’ve had with your human and dog babies in non-organic cotton clothing and bedding- it’s time to make the switch!

    The pesticides and fertilizers used in the production of conventional cotton have damaged the environment all around the world- farther than these Pittsburgh pups can dream of! From Asia to Australia, and right here at home in America, farmers, communities, and our wildlife are paying the price for cheap cotton.

    Chopper & Otis | Steeler Blanket

    This is why Chopper & Otis are committed to using sustainable and 100% organic cotton in all its merchandise.

    We want to protect you, our friends, and the planet with eco-friendly options that everyone can feel good about. And don’t worry, it’s just as cozy and good for decorating as the other stuff!

    Want to learn more about us? Come see what we’re about.

    Until next time--

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