Tough Play: Wool Toys

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    Greetings from me, Chopper. As the Chief Bark Officer, I’d like to discuss the importance of toys and why we prefer wool toys to off-the-shelf soft toys.

    Chopper & Otis: Le Sharma Two-Headed Tuggies - Rooster

    Play is Imperative

    Pets need toys. They’re essential to our development.

    Toys stimulate curiosity. If you’ve ever given your buddy a treat toy, you’ve seen the problem-solving skill activate to free that treat. An engaging toy will prompt your dog to determine his favorite means of play. He might prefer a game of fetch or tug with you, catch with himself, or just carrying the toy around like an extra friend.

    In the wild, animals play with each other and found objects to learn survival skills. Our instinct is to tear, pull and chew. We need an outlet, and toys keep us from being dogs on your newest pair of boots.

    Toys also encourage activity. Many of us love lounging indoors and being spoiled with snacks. Our waistlines can easily show how well we’ve adapted to being house dogs, but the vet complains about possible health complications from the extra padding. A few short play sessions a day help us work off the snacks.

    Benefits of Wool vs. Other Soft Toys

    For the pup who prefers a soft toy for chomping, we recommend boiled wool toys by Le Sharma.

    Pups who love to shred things can take down an off-the-shelf toy in minutes. You turn your back, and the doggo destroys the toy’s cover and throws stuffing all over your floor. Time to pick up after your best friend—again.

    Le Sharma’s wool toys don’t have any stuffing because they’re made from a clump of wool. You won’t have to worry about wading through the polyester snowstorm because there won’t be any. We know that pet parents like to skip out on messes when possible.

    Wool toys also have a longer lifespan. That off-the-shelf soft toy is finished in minutes. While your pupper may tear pieces of wool from the toy, it’s going to take him longer to destroy the toy. (Remember: you want us to destroy toys instead of your things.) Yes, it’s going to eventually require a replacement—just not as soon as the off-the-shelf toy.

    Chopper & Otis: Le Sharma Two-Headed Tuggies - Deer
    Chopper & Otis: Le Sharma Eco-Bonele

    Best Playtime Practices

    Play with your pup. Monitor him when he plays alone to be sure he is playing safely. Let him destroy toys under your watchful eye.

    Le Sharma’s wool toys can be hand washed in cold water after a messy playtime. They’ll retain their shape and dry in a short time.

    Until next time--

    Chopper & Otis

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