Top 15 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Fetch Dog Toys For Summer

    Summer is here, and we’re sure there’s no one more excited for this season than your pup! You and your doggo can both enjoy the sunny skies, warm weather and gentle breezes this season brings! It also gets lighter earlier, and stays bright later during summer - bringing a seemingly unlimited amount of playtime hours! 

    Plus, who doesn't feel better after spending some quality time outdoors?

    Whether you and Fido prefer the backyard or the dog park - it’s time to gather up some toys, bring lots of cold water (for both you and your pup!) and soak up some Vitamin D with a game of fetch! Read on for some great tips & tricks to up your fetch game this summer, or skip right to our 15 most recommended eco friendly fetch toys here.

    Why Play Fetch With Your Dog?


    One of the benefits of playing fetch with your doggo is that it gives them exercise! Dogs need lots of exercise to maintain good health. Fetch is an excellent activity to give your pup a chance to run around and burn off energy. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to keep up with them - fetch is a laidback game where the owner doesn’t have to run around! It’s a win-win for everyone!

    Pro tip: If you have a very energetic puppy - try playing fetch before your training sessions with them! This can help them to have better focus once the learning begins!

    Our Retreads High Roller Ball earns our vote for farthest throw! This textured ball is easy to fetch and the ideal toy for throwing and bouncing. Tried and true, this ball will have your pup skipping naps!


    Better Behavior

    Many pet parents notice their pooch behaves much better when they participate in games like fetch. This is because they’re able to burn off large amounts of energy, meaning they’re less likely to act out. Plus, fetch can strengthen the level of respect your fur baby has with you. When a canine has positive interactions with someone, it’s a lot more likely they’ll obey commands.


    Play Into Their Instincts

    Dogs have histories as hunting animals, and these hunting instincts still exist today in domesticated dogs. Engaging in activities like fetch allows your pupper to exercise this instinct. Fetch is a good way for your pup to explore their abilities in a healthy and safe way!

    Our Wox tug toy helps your pup feel like they’re out in the wild! This toy is ideal for tugging, tossing and shaking activity - perfect for tapping into those hunting instincts! Your playful doggie will love this fun item.


    Why Choose Eco-Friendly Fetch Toys

    Safe For Your Dog

    You also can rest easy knowing that the toys you provide to your pup are safe! Eco-friendly dog toys are made with non-toxic materials. At Chopper and Otis, our toys are made from materials you can pronounce - like hemp, natural rubber, bamboo and rice husk. This helps to protect your pup from harmful toxins or chemicals. All our dog toys are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, vinyl, and hard plastics, and contain no harmful dyes or dangerous chemicals.They’re also FDA compliant and safe - so you don’t have to worry about your furry friend carrying them around in their mouth.


    Contribute To A Greener Planet

    Eco-friendly fetch dog toys are one way to help you go green with your dog. Not only do these toys entertain your pupper, but they also contribute to a greener planet Earth. Eco-friendly dog toys use materials that are not harmful to the environment, have green production chains and help contribute to a healthier planet in their packaging and shipment processes. You can have fun with your pooch while knowing these toys are safe for the environment!

    Our Beco Bone is a safe, non-toxic way for your dog to get the fun of chomping on a bone! Made of all natural rubber and rice husk, there’s no risk of Fido splintering pieces or breaking teeth. Plus, we love that Beco Pets has a commitment to the environment. They’ve helped recycle over 1.8 million plastic bottles to help contribute to cleaner air and oceans!

    What Makes A Good Fetch Toy?

    Easy To Clean

    As with anything that we use outdoors, your pup’s fetch toys are bound to get dirty. Whether it’s rolling around in a pile of muck, or splashing around on sandy shores - you’re going to want a fetch toy that’s easy to clean. Many of our fetch toys are made from eco-friendly materials, such as natural rubber, risk husk fibres and recycled materials that only require a quick wipe down to come sparkling. Many are even dishwasher top rack safe!

    Float On Water

    A fetch toy that floats on water not only keeps your game of fetch fun for your dog, but safe too! We don’t want Fido diving down too deep to retrieve his favorite toy. Plus, you don’t want to have to replace toys that sink after just a few throws.

    Safe For Dog’s Teeth

    Not only are all of the dog toys we offer free of harmful toxins and chemicals, but they are also safe for chewing! For example, our Retreads High Roller ball is textured - which not only makes it’s unpredictable bounce tons of fun - but also massages your doggos gums during playtime. It’s made of just the right materials to be durable enough for your pup without harming his teeth!

    They’re Fun!

    After safety first, your fetch toy should be fun for your dog! Dogs are natural hunters- their instincts are to chase and play. It’s a good idea to have a variety of different toys to throw into the mix to keep your game of fetch interesting. It’s also a good idea to switch things up with a bit of tug of war, or false throws every once in a while, to keep them on their toys!

    Chopper & Otis West Paw Boz Dog Ball

    Keep Your Game of Fetch Safe!

    Regular Breaks

    To prevent your puppy from getting dehydrated and too tuckered out, be sure to take regular breaks! This is especially recommended in the summertime when temperatures rise. There’s nothing exciting about stopping the game to take some gulps of water, and taking a few moments to cool down with tasty frozen treats in shaded area, but it’s important to keep your dog from overheating.

    Level of Engagement

    Fetch is all for fun and games, but there’s such thing as too much fetch for your dog! One of the signs your doggo shows when they’ve had enough is a clear one: lack of interest. When your dog starts to get tired of the game, they won’t go chasing after the toy you’ve thrown for the hundredth time. Your pup may just sit there as the toy leaves your hand. Before you engage with a game of fetch with your dog, make sure to check in with their vet to see if fetch is appropriate for their age, breed and physical condition

    Top 15 Outdoor Fetch Dog Toys For Summer

    Without further ado, here are our full list of the top 15 eco-friendly dog toys to keep your pupper entertained all summer long!