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    Wondering what to do with old dog toys? You’re not alone. Keep reading to find out ways to sustainably ditch the old toys and replace them with eco-friendly dog toys.

    Family gatherings can be noisy, overstimulating, and stressful for dogs, so prepare your pet for the holidays by trying out these tips to reduce anxiety in dogs.

    Hide-and-seek puzzle toys take your dog’s playtime fun to the next level. Learn how our sustainable hide-and-seek dog toys can help dogs embrace their inner scavenger!

    Your dog is at it again: yep, your doggo is rummaging through the garbage, the garden bed, or through your old stuff. Every dog is different, but their need to feel challenged as they scavenge for food is a universal drive that keeps your dog healthy and happy. 

    Rather than let your dog search through your garden beds or play scavenger with your clean laundry, check out our latest hide-and-seek puzzle toys, which promote and help harness the inner scavenger within!

    TPE dog toys are the latest buzz words for sustainable dog products, but what are these popular toys, and what makes them so much better than traditional dog toys? 

    There isn’t much that is more heart-warming than seeing your dog give you a cheeky grin. When you come to think about it, your pup uses his teeth for many key aspects of his life. From solving puzzles and shredding toys, to enjoying a healthy meal, dogs’ mouths are a significant part of how they explore the world.

    It’s no secret that dogs love treats. They also love the challenge of hunting for treats. Dogs are inborn hunters who feel fulfilled by a successful hunt. That’s why dog treat dispensing toys are so beneficial for your furry friend’s brain, body, and mood! Keep your pet’s brain and body actively engaged with puzzle toys developed to reinforce natural foraging behavior.

    Long ago dogs foraged and hunted for food. That said, dogs still enjoy and benefit from working to earn their treats. Additionally, interactive dog toys arouse your dog’s senses, and help him engage in problem-solving skills.

    Summertime and the living is easy, especially when you have a parent who loves spoiling you. Chopper and I spend lots of time outdoors every day, taking air conditioned breaks every now and then. Of course, the heat of summer means finding ways to cool down.

    It time for a pawty! June 21st—National Dog Party Day. This holiday is the perfect excuse to throw a shindig for your fuzzy buddy and a few of his closest four-legged friends.

    We have some inspiration for you to make the most out of party time. Your party can be as simple or extreme as your lifestyle allows. No matter what, your pup will love playtime with friends.

    I know that it might seem self-explanatory. “Give my dog a chew toy to chew.” While that’s part of it, there’s a little more to it. Chew toys are perfect for helping your buddy understand the rules of the house.

    Chew on This Instead

    Teething puppies and bored dogs can’t scroll through social media or stare into the refrigerator when they need stimulation. We have paws and mouth-hands—that’s it. The leg of your favorite chair, the arm of the couch and the top of the coffee table all hold chomping appeal when there are no other options. To be honest, your new sandals also look pretty snackable.

    Otis here. I want to shed light on a very important topic—picky eaters. My brother is very picky (and has a sensitive tummy). Our pet parents have worked out ways to keep him nourished despite his own best efforts to slim down to his puppy weight.

    There are a few ways to get your picky pup interested in eating. In fact, some of these methods mirror what you’d do to feed a picky human-pup.

    Chopper & Otis: PLAY Wobble ball interactive dog toy

    The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without fresh-baked goods. Chopper and I have a delicious and versatile recipe to share with you. We can have a cookie tray of our own too!

    This recipe was developed special for our friends. It can be adjusted to your dogs diet or to their liking. You probably have most of these ingredients on hand, so it’s easy to whip out a batch of soft and tasty holiday snacks for your four-legged buddies when you’re in the mood to bake.

    Chopper & Otis Holiday Baking For Dogs