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    We all know that look that our dogs give us when they see a human gadget or toy that looks like fun. No matter how many puppy-dog eyes, tail wags, panting, and drooly smiles your doggo may give you, however, you should probably avoid giving your dog most items that aren’t made for dogs. 
    Tennis balls are a classic toy that dogs have adopted as their favorite ball. They bounce, fly, stick out like a highlighter as they soar in the air, and make a satisfying bonk as they land on the ground. It’s no wonder that your dog absolutely loves to chase and chew on them.
    TPE dog toys are the latest buzz words for sustainable dog products, but what are these popular toys, and what makes them so much better than traditional dog toys? 
    Like humans, no two dogs are the same. Your furry friend has his own play style, body, and personality that make it super important that he has the right toys. Knowing exactly what to look for when it comes to choosing toys, however, isn’t always straightforward. There are so many dog toys to choose from out there, and it can feel overwhelming knowing where to even begin!
    Dogs love rubber toys. After all, what’s not to love with the bouncy, exciting ingredient commonly found in many dog products? While many dog products are made from rubber, a surprising number of these toys are actually made from synthetic or artificial rubber. These products can be dangerous to your dog and should best be avoided.

    Dog’s love of sticks has been a staple in animal pop culture for generations. Who doesn’t know comics, cartoons, nursery rhymes, or movies where a dog is fetching a stick? Contrary to popular belief, however, sticks are dangerous for our beloved pups.

    Here at Chopper & Otis, we love our dogs and our planet, which is why we are dedicated to creating a healthier lifestyle for our furry friends by providing them with environmentally-friendly dog toys. 

    There isn’t much that is more heart-warming than seeing your dog give you a cheeky grin. When you come to think about it, your pup uses his teeth for many key aspects of his life. From solving puzzles and shredding toys, to enjoying a healthy meal, dogs’ mouths are a significant part of how they explore the world.

    Summer is here, and we’re sure there’s no one more excited for this season than your pup!  You and your doggo can both enjoy the sunny skies, warm weather  and gentle breezes this season brings! It also gets lighter earlier, and stays bright later during summer - bringing a seemingly unlimited amount of playtime hours! 

    It’s no secret that dogs love treats. They also love the challenge of hunting for treats. Dogs are inborn hunters who feel fulfilled by a successful hunt. That’s why dog treat dispensing toys are so beneficial for your furry friend’s brain, body, and mood! Keep your pet’s brain and body actively engaged with puzzle toys developed to reinforce natural foraging behavior.

    With so many dog toys for pet parents to choose from today, it’s important for pet parents to consider certain factors when buying a dog toy. This includes the age of your dog, size of the dog, whether you’re using the toy for outdoor or indoor play, and play style.

    It’s with this in mind that we here at Chopper & Otis have reviewed the top 50 best eco-friendly toys ever made. This means that all our products are 100% non-toxic and recyclable! Have fun!

    High-quality dog dental chew toys that are free of toxins are made especially for extended periods of chew time. They keep your furry best friend busy, and also are specifically designed for dental health.