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    Chopper & Otis Talk Room

    With so many dog toys for pet parents to choose from today, it’s important for pet parents to consider certain factors when buying a dog toy. This includes the age of your dog, size of the dog, whether you’re using the toy for outdoor or indoor play, and play style.

    It’s with this in mind that we here at Chopper & Otis have reviewed the top 50 best eco-friendly toys ever made. This means that all our products are 100% non-toxic and recyclable! Have fun!

    High-quality dog dental chew toys that are free of toxins are made especially for extended periods of chew time. They keep your furry best friend busy, and also are specifically designed for dental health.

    Anyone celebrating Thanksgiving with their doggos understands how important it is to have some wonderland barko bites around during hooliday turkey time! For all families with special pups, holiday dinners are special times with that puppo turkey bird. But that goes for doggos too! Chopper and Otis here with some barking good Ol Holiday Tips For You All!

    Bored at home? Want to work a bit, and get rewarded with some paw smacking treats? How about play hunting while you’re safe at home? Are you a chewer? No problem! Chopper & Otis to the rescue! Nothing nicer than interactive dog toys if you want to drool, slobber and play! Working hard for those tasty treats always feels good!

    Teeth are part of our hand-mouths. We use them to solve puzzles, shred toys and enjoy supper time. Because our mouths are multi-functional, a damaged tooth has significant impact on our health and happiness.

    A broken tooth needs to be remedied as soon as possible, but it’s even better to avoid potential dental problems in the first place. Doggy dentistry is not inexpensive. An annual cleaning under sedation costs a few hundred dollars.
    Chopper & Otis: West Paw Qwizl

    As you know, we’re very active in charitable works. We donate toys to rescues and shelters, and we participate in fundraisers for dogs in need.

    We recently learned of another kind of rescue who needed our help. Did you know that eagles enjoy dog chew toys? Neither did we until we connected up with Grey Snow Eagle House.

    I know that it might seem self-explanatory. “Give my dog a chew toy to chew.” While that’s part of it, there’s a little more to it. Chew toys are perfect for helping your buddy understand the rules of the house.

    Chew on This Instead

    Teething puppies and bored dogs can’t scroll through social media or stare into the refrigerator when they need stimulation. We have paws and mouth-hands—that’s it. The leg of your favorite chair, the arm of the couch and the top of the coffee table all hold chomping appeal when there are no other options. To be honest, your new sandals also look pretty snackable.

    New member of the fur family? Bored buddy who needs something more appealing to chomp than your expensive boots? Curious canine who could use a little challenge?

    Chopper & Otis: Retreads Hippo