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    At Chopper & Otis, we are passionate about finding the best companies to serve our dog community. RuffDawg is exactly that. Not only does RuffDawg provide pups with some of the highest-quality, indestructible toys on the market, but they also give back to their local neighborhood. We are so excited to introduce our latest partnership with RuffDawg dog toys!

    It’s romping time at Chopper & Otis headquarters because we’ve added another line to the shop. West Paw toys are fun and durable, plus they come in a variety of chew strengths.

    One of the coolest features about West Paw is their Zogoflex recyclable toy program. Zogoflex is their proprietary plastic blend that is used in all of the West Paw toys in our shop. Their concern for waste prompted a recycling program.

    West Paw Zogoflex

    SodaPup is committed to doing business in ways that are good for people, the planet, and your dog. They’re a perfect fit for our mission as a company.

    Naturally Made for Hand-Mouths

    We’re always on the lookout for products that are sustainably made. SodaPup toys are made from natural rubber, which comes from rubber trees. Rubber trees grow best with high heat and humidity, so they thrive in equatorial climates. The trees exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen, of course. Rubber tree farmers are major players in good stewardship of our natural resources.

    Otis with Sodapup Asteroid

    Here at Chopper & Otis, we sniff out the best products that line up with our goal of making the world a better place. That’s why we wanted to sell Planet Dog’s Recycle toys.

    The Recycle line is made with the returned or defected toys. Planet Dog grinds up the toys along with leftover toy mix from the injection molds. These leftovers are mixed and molded to make the Recycle toys. This truly meets the three Rs we love at Chopper & Otis: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Otis here. I’m so excited to share toys with you. Check out the wonderful creations of Cycle Dog. Stay Out of the Trash! Over a billion bicycle tubes are made each year. Millions of those tubes are sent to landfills annually. Bicycles are an environmentally friendly way to get around.
    At Chopper & Otis, we like things that are ethical and eco-friendly from head to tail.That’s why we paired up with HAE Now to produce our unique design tshirts. Their vision is to help, not hurt. They pay fair wages for farmers and millworkers. HAE NOW uses only organic cotton, and is all about carbon offsets to reduce planetary impact.
    Greetings from me, Chopper. I want to share some bark and soul by introducing you to our toy supplier, Le Sharma Trading Inc.Otis and I love these toys so much that I can’t help barking about them. Le Sharma’s Eco-Friendly Pet Toys are made from 100% wool. They’re great for chewing and made from renewable resources.