Swim Season: Beach Buddies for Your Buddy

Otis here. Summer is in full swing and the days are hot! When you’re outdoorsy and active like we are, it’s a challenge to stay cool during playtime.

We’ve got the perfect play plan for your pup at Chopper & Otis. Take your pup to the watering hole with some fun and floaty toys!

Party at the Lake

Dogs love to play fetch. A trip to the lake means room to run and have a game of fetch. Floaty toys give your best friend a chance to swim.

Never played fetch at the beach? A few simple precautions will give you the most wag for your buck. First, your best friend should readily come when called. Second, play in an area free from fishermen and water vehicles. Finally, don’t throw toys too far for your buddy to retrieve.

Planet Dog Recycle Ball Value Pack is great for a game of water fetch. Remove the rope and toss a ball. (This is a great toy for multiple-dog families. You can bring a friend and play fetch with a couple pups.) Toss the ball a short distance to see how your canine reacts to the water.

Beco Ball is fun for the experienced water dog. The asymmetrical shape gives it a wobble that makes water fetch a little more challenging. Wash the ball after play and tuck a treat inside to keep your doggo busy on the ride home.

Be sure to toss the ball into the water. No need to throw like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Keep it fun with many sprints instead of long swims.

Backyard Pool Party

For the city or suburban dog who isn’t as outdoorsy, you can fill a kiddie pool on your porch or backyard. This option works well for less active dogs, older canines and younger pups.

We like to “go fish” in the kiddie pool. Mom puts floaty toys in the pool with us. We bob for them and paw at them. It keeps us cool while we gently engage in pool play.

Cycle Dog High Roller is fun for pool pawing. It rolls on top of the water, encouraging your pup to swat it and get it spinning. It’s also great for a backyard fetch.

Cycle Dog Retreads Dino and Cycle Dog Retreads Turtle are great for pool fishing. Both toys have a Busy Belly for tucking treats. Stuff a snack inside before sending the toy for a swim in the kiddie pool. You’ll find your pupper tap into his hunting instincts!

No matter which play style and floaty toy works best for your pup, prepare for an afternoon nap after so much cool play!

Until next time--

Chopper & Otis