Sustainable Plastics: West Paw as Planet Patron

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    Otis West Paw Tizzi

    Otis here. It’s romping time at Chopper & Otis headquarters because we’ve added another line to the shop. West Paw toys are fun and durable, plus they come in a variety of chew strengths.

    Of course, we look beyond the skilled production and playability of toys before we add them to our virtual shelves. We work to make the world a better place, and we partner with brands that have the same goal.

    Playing the Recycling Game

    One of the coolest features about West Paw is their Zogoflex recyclable toy program. Zogoflex is their proprietary plastic blend that is used in all of the West Paw toys in our shop. Their concern for waste prompted a recycling program. Zogoflex is BPA-free, phthalate-free and non-toxic. It’s FDA compliant.

    Recycled Zogoflex has two sources. First, they take wonky toys that didn’t quite turn out right during production and mix them into a batch of Zogoflex material for a fresh turn. Second, they accept used toys that have seen their last safe puppy play session. Those toys are sanitized, ground up, and turned into new toys. 

    In 2018 alone, over 1111 pounds of Zogoflex were recycled. Eleven percent of each Zogoflex toy is made from post-manufacturing recycled material. They’re making a huge dent in reducing dog toy waste.

    Keeping it Clean

    West Paw engages in sustainable production, which means no pollution and conservation of natural resources. They keep waste out of landfills, keep chemicals out of soil and water, and keep toxins out of the products we carry around with our mouth-hands.

    A small business built on certain values, design and production takes place in a charming community in Montana. West Paw designed the business from the ground up to have a small environmental footprint. They oversee the production of their products from start to finish, making sure they use sustainable methods throughout.

    Caring for Community & Canines

    We all benefit through generosity, so we embrace a brand that believes in giving back to the community. West Paw works to make their community a better place, assisting people and pets.

    Chopper WestPaw Zogoflex

    Financial resources go a long way to help improve a community. West Paw donated $50,000 to The Trust for Public Land to create a West Paw off-leash dog park to benefit local dogs. They also funded a shade structure for the biggest dog park in their part of Montana to help keep pups and people cool during summer. We love how much they care about canine comforts.

    West Paw also gives back by dedicating manpower to better Bozeman, Montana. Employees volunteer to keep the land clean and educate the community about dog park etiquette and the land. The company partners with local non-profits to raise awareness and community funding to benefit these dog-centric non-profits. They also fix up homes of the less fortunate so they’re safer for people and pets.

    We’re delighted to bring West Paw to you. We hope you find these toys as fetching as we do!

    Until next time--

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