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Dogs are a man’s best friend, right? Well, if you humans get to have your furry friends then we should get a few, too!

Our plush companions hang out with us when the parents are out, keep us cozy during our mid-day naps, and entertain us for hours with their endless squeaking.

Chopper & Otis | Simply Fido | Millie Cow

Spending some quality time with our friend Millie the Cow

This is why we adore our whimsical new friends from SimplyFido, a premium organic dog toy brand that creates eco-friendly and non-toxic chew toys sturdy enough to keep up with even the most rambunctious puppers.

We at Chopper and Otis have enough fluffy buddies lying around the house so we decided to share our secret with you- SimplyFido makes simply the best organic dog toys!

Who is SimplyFido? 

Based in Brooklyn,SimplyFido designs high quality and socially responsible pet toys made from 100% organic cotton and recycled materials. Their chemical-free and super squishy animal friends are crafted with both your pooch and the planet in mind, so you can feel great when it comes time to play. SimplyFido is committed to environmentally sustainable practices, and goes above and beyond to ensure each toy is made with only the best organic materials.

Chopper & Otis | Simply Fido | Lolly Lamb

Lollie the Lamb goes everywhere with me

Why organic matters

Most people (and dogs) don’t realize that non-organic cotton is seriously harmful for the environment and our families.

From the farm to the factory, a lot of the products we use in our daily life come in contact with thousands of different types of chemicals in the production process. These toxic chemicals line the fabric of our clothing and pollute the local ecosystem, making it more difficult for our bodies and our planet to keep healthy. Read More about 100% natural organic cotton

That’s where you come in! Buying certified 100% organic cotton pet products and chemical-free dog toys helps to support sustainable practices and socially responsible businesses.

Here’s our chance to do some good while having a bit of fun at the same time. Now how great is that?

With my bff, Eddie Frog

Interested in learning more about Chopper and Otis’ commitment to eco-friendly products? Click here!

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