Scoop the Poop: But Make It Eco-Friendly

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    Now that the weather is warming up and spring is here, it's time to get walking again! But before you do, check out these five reasons why dog owners should clean up after their dogs. 

    Beco Poop Dispenser

    1. Dog Waste Harms Our Waterways

    One myth is that dogs are animals and can therefore poop in the woods or the grass without harming the environment, but this belief couldn't be more wrong.

    Dog waste contains many pathogens and nutrients that negatively impact the environment. This is because dogs eat a diet that is far different from the animals living in the wild. Your dog might be on special medications, for instance, which come out in your dog's waste. 

    When dog waste enters our water systems via rainfall, those pathogens and nutrients affect water sources by encouraging algal blooms, weeds, and illnesses in the wildlife that lives there. It releases ammonia and reduces oxygen, starving aquatic life.

    2. Dog Waste Can Make You Sick

    Those same pathogens that enter the waterways can also enter you, making you or your loved ones ill. You could contract dangerous bacteria and viruses from swimming in contaminated water or from exposure in the yard. 

    A few common infections include salmonellosis, toxocariasis, and campylobacter. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, rashes, and other more severe symptoms in those with weakened immune systems.

    3. Dog Waste Doesn't Decompose Quickly

    If you've ever seen dog waste on your walk around the block that just sits and sits for weeks without going away completely, there's a reason for that. Dog waste actually takes weeks to up to a year to break down on its own! 

    4. It's Just Plain Gross

    To put it simply, leaving dog poop out in the open looks unattractive to your neighbors and anyone who has the misfortune of stumbling across—or worse—upon it! Since dog fecal matter takes so long to decompose, it can make for an unsightly lawn.  Dog poop also has an odor and can release allergens that trigger an allergic reaction in those susceptible to animal feces. 

    5. Picking Up Dog Poop Is Responsible

    Going for a nice walk on a trail or simply going out on the lawn to do yard work can be soured by stepping in a big doggy doo-doo. As dog owners, it's our responsibility to pick up after our pups. No one likes finding dog poop in their yards, especially if they don't have a dog! And spotting dog waste in protected or private areas like a nature preserve or park takes away from the beauty. 

    That's why many municipalities fine dog owners who don't pick up the poop by anywhere from $200 to $500! To avoid paying unnecessary fines, do your part to pick up after your dog.

    Easy Tips for Scooping Up Dog Poop

    There's no getting around it—cleaning up dog poop isn't fun. But there are ways to make the clean-up process less unpleasant. Here are some ways to make cleaning up after your dog easier:

    • Use a poop bag dispenser: Bag dispensers often come with convenient clips or straps to secure onto your clothes or dog's leash. This means no more forgetting a baggy and having to backtrack home to clean up the mess!
    • Ditch the single-use plastic bags: It's all in the bag when it comes to dog poop, but not every baggy is alike. Flimsy, single-use plastic bags harm the environment by entering water systems or strangling wildlife. They also take 1,000 years to degrade—all while sitting in a landfill. 
    • Choose a biodegradable bag instead: Biodegradable plastic bags only take around three to six months to decompose in comparison.

    How to Get Rid of Dog Poop the Eco-friendly Way 

    According to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), composting dog poop can reduce your dog's waste by as much as 50 percent. However, though you can add dog poop to your compost bin, there's a learning curve involved:

    • Your compost pile needs to reach 160 Fahrenheit.
    • You have to turn the pile.
    • It can be a bit on the stinky side.
    • You can't add the compost to any plants you plan on eating.
    • Diseases can get transmitted to children, pregnant women, dogs, livestock, and wildlife.
    • Bins might be difficult to maintain come winter.

    Beco Pet's compostable poop bags make it so much easier for you to compost your dog's poop without the mess! Be sure to have a contained compost system that is safely monitored for your baggies and doggy doo-doos to decompose safely.

    If you don't have experience with composting and want to avoid a messy process, DIYing a compost bin might not be for you. But that doesn't mean you can't compost your dog's waste! Consider taking your dog's bagged waste to a local composting facility to responsibly dispose of dog poop.

    Top Picks for Eco-friendly Dog Poop Disposal

    Ready to switch to a green dog poop disposal system? Check out our bestselling dog waste products.

    Beco Poop Bags

    Beco Degradable Poop Bags

    Single-use plastic is a thing of the past with Beco's degradable poop bags. These little baggies come in unscented or spearmint to hide smells once it's time to scoop the poop. The bags are made from biodegradable cornstarch PLA and PBAT, a degradable plastic polymer, and the core for each roll is made from post-consumer, recycled cardboard.

    You can toss these bags into your established compost, take them to a composting facility, or toss them in the bin—but keep in mind, biodegradable baggies don't usually decompose in landfills due to lack of moisture and the right environment.

    Beco Bamboo Poop Bag Dispenser

    Beco Poop Bag Dispenser

    What poop bag doesn't need a nice dispenser to make going on walks a breeze? The Beco bamboo poop bag dispenser stays fastened to your leash to prevent you from ever walking out the door without a baggy again! 

    From its innovative bungee system that attaches to leashes, belts, or bags, to its durable bamboo, cornstarch, and rice material, you'll know you're making a sustainable choice to clean up after your dog with this cute accessory. The bamboo poop bag dispenser comes in four colors of your choosing and a roll of 15 degradable poop bags. 

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