RuffDawg: The Superhero of Indestructible Dog Toys

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    At Chopper & Otis, we are passionate about finding the best companies to serve our dog community. RuffDawg is exactly that. Not only does RuffDawg provide pups with some of the highest-quality, indestructible toys on the market, but they also give back to their local neighborhood. We are so excited to introduce our latest partnership with RuffDawg dog toys!

    The Backstory

    RuffDawg originally started out as a rubber molding division for Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. in Worcester, Massachusetts. The discs they made were used to aerate wastewater at treatment plants, and defective products were often tossed around for fun during breaktime. When the demand for the molding parts declined, the family-owned company had to get creative.

    What emerged from their brainstorming was a colorful, aerodynamic disc that was sent home with every dog owner who worked at the factory. The discs were a success within the dog community, so the company held a contest to name the new toy the K-9 Flyer, and the birth of their new dog toy company, RuffDawg, began.

    Quality is the Best Policy

    Here at Chopper & Otis, we love supporting companies that are environmentally-friendly and leave as little of a carbon footprint as possibleRuffDawg goes above and beyond to provide safe, environmentally-conscious products to the dog community.

    The company prides itself for employing 50 local employees, as well as designers, marketers, and packaging teams from all across the country. Every one of RuffDawg’s toys is designed, packaged, and manufactured in the USA. Their products are made with non-toxic natural rubber, FDA-approved, and free of harmful phthalates, latex, and BPA’s. You can rest assured that your dog toy is safe and of the highest quality.

    Because RuffDawg is confident in their ability to produce long-lasting products for you and your dog, they have a lifetime guarantee for their indestructible dog toys. This means that if your Herculean dog does manage to damage his toy, it will be replaced free of charge! Simply mail the damaged product to the company, and they’ll quickly replace the toy in as little as 3-4 weeks so that your dog can get back to playing with his favorite toy.

    Giving Back to the Community

    In addition to providing dogs with high-quality, safe toys, RuffDawg takes altruism to the next level by supporting their local community. They are passionate about creating jobs to help their community thrive. Ruff Dawg also sponsors a local nonprofit called Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK). This charity helps families in need by awarding scholarships to help offset the costs of service dogs and the extensive trainings the dogs must go through.

    Service dogs are known to cost a whopping $25,000, and RuffDawg goes out of its way to make sure families with children in need of service dogs can receive one. Their partnership with CDK helps the staff and volunteers who work at the nonprofit travel around the country to provide services, educate the public about service dogs, and continue to provide support for families who received scholarships.

    Shop RuffDawg

    We are super excited to introduce the latest paw-tastic products to hit our shelves. Without further ado, let’s take a peek at all that RuffDawg has to offer!

    Heavy Duty Retrieving Dog Ball

    You know how they say dog is man’s best friend? Well, it’s safe to say that the classic ball is dog’s best toy. Since your pup deserves the best of the best, it’s time to put aside that old, worn-down tennis ball and step up your dog’s game with an indestructible ball.

    This rubber ball floats, it bounces, AND it’s practically invincible! (If it does happen to get damaged, RuffDawg will replace it for free.) The ball’s solid rubber design means it can handle rough play while also staying gentle enough to keep your dog’s teeth and gums safe.

    These game-changer dog toys come in a variety of bright, playful colors that will have your dog racing to play fetch. The solid rubber balls come in the original and the XL size to accommodate for both small and large dogs.

    Fetching Stick & Twig

    The Stick/Twig is a retrieving dog toy that is cleverly designed to resemble a stick, without the hassle of one. Forget that splintery stick that you have to constantly replace. This toy will last you and your dog many rounds of fetch.

    Stick/Twig floats, can be filled with your pup’s favorite treats, and can be strung onto a rope! You can even add some crunch to your dog’s toy with the Stick/Twig Crunch. Lined with a special lining, this version sounds and feels crunchy.

    Whether your dog likes to play fetch on land or in water, or simply wants to play a round of tug-of-war, this toy offers him endless ways to have fun.

    The Stick/Twig comes in two different sizes:

    • 6” Twig- for small dogs up to 40 lbs
    • 12” Stick- for medium to big dogs 40 lbs and above

    Gummy Bear Treat Dispenser

    There’s not much that’s more adorable than a dog having fun with his toys. Whether you’re looking to increase your dog toy diversity or you just want the perfect photo prop for your furry friend, the GummyBear dog toy will not disappoint. This 6” toy comes in a variety of bright, neon colors and can float, hold treats, or be threaded with rope to make for a formidable but cute opponent for your furry friend’s game of tug-of-war!

    Gladiator Dog Fetch Toy

    True to its name, the Gladiator is a powerful launcher that can be flung into the air with a mighty sling. Perfect for fast dogs, this dog toy launcher will send him racing to fetch his new, favorite toy! The Gladiator has a textured, spiky ball at the end that is gentle on teeth and gums but also durable.

    This 10” dog toy can float, be filled with treats, and either can be thrown by the handle or launched into the air. It provides endless fun for your dog and is also fun for you to send flying like a catapult!

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