Returning to the Earth: Perfect Toys for Earth Day

Earth Day On Chopper & Otis

Otis here. Earth Day is coming up at April 22nd, and we love doing our part to help preserve natural resources and improve the world we love. 

Earth Day is the birthday of the modern environmental movement. This holiday was first celebrated in 1970, raising awareness and concern for living things and the environment. Connection between pollution and public health was expressed in the news and by citizen groups. The goal of Earth Day is a healthy, sustainable environment, and taking any actions we can to help bring that about.

We are honored to have sustainable brands in the Chopper & Otis shop. Get to know how your pack can celebrate Earth Day every day with these toys.

Beco Pets: Rubber & Rice

Our buddies at Beco Pets have some fantastic toys for fetching and chomping. Beco Balls, Hoops and Bones are made from all-natural rubber and rice husk fibers. Free from chemicals and toxins, they won’t poison pups or the planet. Fun shapes and treat pockets give you options for your furry friend.

While Beco Pets toys are very durable, every toy eventually wears out. If your buddy’s Beco Pets toy has seen its last chomp, congratulations to your tough pupper! Drop the toy in the trash and it will break down over time in the landfill.

SodaPup: Natural Rubber

SodaPup is the new kid on our block, and we were overjoyed to add them to the shop. Sturdy, tuggable, chompable toys in kitschy shapes caught our eyes (and hearts). There are three different strengths of toys to match the jaw strength of different dogs: puppy, average and magnum. All toys are made of natural rubber, harvesting rubber trees for these fun playthings. No toxins here, and they’re FDA approved.

Since these silly shapes are made of natural rubber, they’re biodegradable. If your dog successfully shows your SodaPup toy who’s the boss, reward them with belly rubs! While the toys are biodegradable, it takes several years for the substantial rubber to break down. (This means it won’t fall to pieces from being bathed in slobber.) Toss it in the trash and send it to the landfill when it’s ready for replacement.

Le Sharma: Wool with Vegetable Dyes

Le Sharma has been with us from the beginning, and with good reason. The simple yet colorful toys appealed to us, and we appreciate their employment of local artisans in Nepal. Le Sharma toys are made from 100% wool. Their bold colors come from non-toxic, human-grade vegetable dyes. They’re perfect for pups to sink their teeth into.

Since Le Sharma toys are made from wool, they are biodegradable like other animal hair and nail clippings. You can discard your pupper’s well-worn toy in your compost bin or garden soil. (Treat your buddy to a new toy for a job well done!) Moisture will lead to mold, and bacteria will break down the weakened fibers. It may take a couple years to fully break down, but it’s easily welcomed back into the earth.

If you’ve already added one of these brands to your fur baby’s toy box, you’ve made an impact on our environmental future. You’ve also made your four-legged friend very happy.

Happy Earth Day! 

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