Play With Me: Boston Terrier

If there is one thing that our dogs love, it's to play. However, unbeknownst to most people, each breed of dog has a different play style. What does that mean, play style? A dog's play style simply means that they like to play in a plethora of ways. They could like to play with certain toys, or they could like to play at certain times. In this article, we are showcasing the play style of the Boston Terrier breed.

Important Facts.

Boston Terriers thrive in any living situation. They love to be around people; whether they are children or adults. They also like to be around dogs and like to have friends. Boston Terriers are also very friendly with strangers. They are easy to train and quite easy to groom. They don't shed too much and they like to be brushed and pampered by their owners. They are known to gain weight and need to be exercised regularly to keep them healthy. The Boston Terrier may live up to fifteen years as long as their health is taken care of. In addition, they are extremely playful and love to play for hours at a time.

Their Play Style.

As stated earlier, Boston Terriers have tons of energy and they love to play for as long as they, or their owners, will play with them. Generally, they love squeaky toys and playing tug of war with fellow canines or with their loving owners. In addition, they also love to play fetch, regardless if it is a stick, a ball, or even a Frisbee! They could run and chase and bring the toy back to you for long periods of time as long as you are willing to play. However, this breed has  a low heat tolerance. With this in mind, remember to fuel them up frequently with water and a snack to prolong their time outside!

Other Activities.

Boston Terriers generally love to play with their owners more than anything else. Interactive toys, for example, like the Wobble Ball, allows pet parents to be involved as well as your Boston Terrier to play with  an interactive toy that brings both dog and owner together for playtime. This allows them to burn off calories and be treated with a one on one play time with their owners, which is something both pet parent and Boston Terriers will love. Boston Terriers also love to go for walks. They find it fun to spend time outside, gathering fresh air and meeting other people and dogs to say hi or play with.

Surprising Play Information.

Though the Boston Terrier is a canine, you can use a feline laser toy and have your dog chase it. They love running after the mysterious "red dot". They also love to jump and play in sprinklers during the spring and summertime. Basically, any activity outside will be a fun adventure for your Boston Terrier.

Boston Terriers are little balls of energy. They have a very energetic and curious style of play that will keep them busy and entertained for hours. Whether you give them a toy to fetch, walk them, or even have them chase a cat toy laser, you and your furry friend will have tons of fun. Enjoy your time with your four legged buddy!

Until next time--

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