Pick Your Chews: Choosing Chew Toys

New member of the fur family? Bored buddy who needs something more appealing to chomp than your expensive boots? Curious canine who could use a little challenge?

Otis to the rescue! It’s time to get your best friend a chew toy. I’ll teach you some new tricks to buy a great chew toy that’ll have your dog rolling over with glee.

Made to Chew

All dog toys are designed for hand-mouths, but not all toys are made for more than a few bites. Paying attention to your dog’s play style can help you decide if a chew toy is required. (Here’s a hint: If your dog prefers to keep toys positioned between his molars, you have a chewer on your hands.)

Chew toys need to be made for a good gnaw. A proper chew toy shouldn’t have any dangly bits that your chomper could accidentally swallow—beware buttons and strings. Check out our recommendations here. Fabric shouldn’t easily tear, and rubbery toys shouldn’t crumble apart with the first bite.

No Nasty Toxins

Those three-pack tennis balls in a can may seem like a good idea, but they aren’t made with dogs’ mouths in mind. In truth, your dog shouldn’t have a toy that isn’t safe enough for your own mouth. Discount dog toys don’t make the grade.

Many of our chew toys are made with natural materials, like rubber, rice fibers and wool. All of our toys are designed for dogs and safe for slobbering. Your teething buddy can suck on our toys and you won’t have to worry about him sucking up toxins.

Strong Enough for Your Pup

Any chew toy you choose needs to be a good fit for your dog’s needs. Do you have a puppy, regular chewer or super chomper?

  • Puppy chew toys are typically softer yet durable. They’re made for smaller mouths and sharp little teeth.
  • Regular chewers do well with moderate strength toys. They need something a bit sturdier than a puppy requires, but the toys need a little more give than the super chompers.
  • Super chompers have strong jaws and make short work of moderate strength toys. They need something tougher.

Don’t worry. We have something in store for all types of chewers.

Chopper & Otis: Recycled Bone

Parental Responsibility

It’s obvious that you love your fur baby. You’re here and learning more about the best toy for your buddy. There are a few more things to keep in mind with chew toys.

Chew toys need to be cleaned regularly. If the chew toy is your dog’s mouth’s best friend, wash it every other day. Toys in rotation should be washed once a week during their week of play. We have tips for cleaning.

Monitor your pet while the chew toy is in use. No toy is indestructible. Once the toy has met its match, it’s time to replace with a new toy.

If you have any questions about any of our chew toys, reach out to us and we’re happy to help!

Until next time--

Chopper & Otis

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