Perfect Indoor Dog Activities for Winter

    Destructive Dogs In Winter

    Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t have the urge to go, go, go! And for some dog owners who have an energetic pup on their hands, this could mean endless energy, restlessness, and even chewing on things they’re not supposed to. To keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated, prepare for winter by trying out these seven indoor activities for dogs.

    1. Teach Your Dog to Play Hide-and-Seek

    Hide-and-seek isn’t only for kids—your dog can also play this interactive and fun game. Encouraging your dog to walk around the house in search of his favorite toy or treat increases physical and mental activity, helping to keep your dog moving when it’s too cold to get outside. 

    You might have to train your dog a little bit to get used to searching for the prize, but once your dog gets the hang of it, he’ll be sure to enjoy scavenging for the hidden object. Be sure to keep it simple at first, increasing the difficulty of the search as your dog gets more and more skilled at retrieving his lost item. 

    2. Try Out an Interactive Puzzle Toy

    Interactive puzzle toys are great for moments where you’re working, cooking, or otherwise unable to play hands-on with your dog but still want her to keep busy on a chilly day. There are all kinds of interactive treat finders to do the job. From enrichment licking mats to advanced-level puzzle toys, your dog will enjoy the challenge of working through an interactive toy and getting that yummy treat as a reward. Not to mention, problem-solving is great for keeping dogs focused and calm!

    3. Play Fetch

    Even though you’re not outside, who’s to say you can’t still play fetch with your dog? It all depends on if you have a long hallway, spacious garage, or enclosed sunroom that’s spacious enough to toss around your dog’s fetch toy. If you do plan on playing fetch with your dog indoors, you might want to opt for a high-quality rubber retriever like the Fetching Stick, which is a gentle alternative to real sticks. The best part about this toy is that it can also be filled with treats or strung onto a rope for added fun!

    Chopper chews on Qwizl

    4. Create an Obstacle Course

    Turn your home into your very own American Ninja Warrior for dogs by rearranging chairs, cones, broomsticks, hula hoops, and more to create an agility course fit for keeping your dog—well… fit! Remember to keep hazardous or precarious items away from the obstacle course so that your pup doesn’t trip or crash into anything dangerous like bookshelves or TVs.

    Chopper & Otis Chew On Gingerbread Man

    5. Give Your Dog a Chew Toy

    Chew challengers come in all sorts of strengths and play styles to ensure that no dog goes without the perfect chew toy. Chewing is soothing and can help relax an anxious dog. It also helps with teething discomfort for puppies, making for an ideal indoor dog toy. Whether your pup just needs a snuggle buddy to cuddle with and lightly chew on or a super durable chew toy, your dog is bound to take comfort in this classic indoor toy.

    6. Play Tug-of-War

    Another fan favorite is a good, old round of tug-of-war. Perfect for multiple dogs to go head-to-head or for you to simply just have a go with your doggo, tug-of-war gives dogs a chance to interact and bond with others. Not to mention, they’ll get plenty of exercise chasing the toy around, tugging, and swinging it! Some tug-of-war toys, like the Beco Hemp Rope Ball on Loop, even come with a ball at the end to further engage your dog and keep him entertained.

    7. Have a Playdate

    Just like hide-and-seek, playdates are yet another activity typically associated with children. But like kids,  your dog can also enjoy the perks of getting together with a friend. Keep in mind that you should make sure that both dogs are compatible and play nicely together before scheduling indoor playtime fun. Every dog has a unique playstyle and may enjoy different toys and activities when other dogs are involved, so plan ahead and choose the right dog toys for your dog for the best playdate possible.

    Top 10 Perfect Dog Toys For Indoor Playtime


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