Pawty Down with a Dog Party

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    Otis here. I love a good party, and I’m grunting with glee about June 21st—National Dog Party Day. This holiday is the perfect excuse to throw a shindig for your fuzzy buddy and a few of his closest four-legged friends.

    We have some inspiration for you to make the most out of party time. Your party can be as simple or extreme as your lifestyle allows. No matter what, your pup will love playtime with friends.

    Pool Party for Pups

    Taking a dip in the pool is a great way to cool down on a warm summer day. Not every guest is guaranteed to be a strong swimmer, so it’s best to set up a couple of kiddie pools in the backyard. Fill each pool with two to three inches of cool water. Water in the sun will heat up over the course of the day.

    Kiddie pools are great for splashing and digging. Some pups really kick up their heels when they can bob for floating toys. (Wash messy toys after an afternoon of play in the sink, dishwasher or washing machine.)


    Don’t forget the refreshments! Keep a fresh bowl of cold water available. Serve some frozen treats made just for pups.


    If weather prohibits a party outside, you can always throw an indoor event. Put away your breakables and secure the play zone. Stash any favorite toys if your buddy isn’t great with sharing.

    Indoor parties should have plenty of time for petting, sniffing and safe exploration. Be ready to show guests where to find the “restroom.” Share your belly rub technique with other pups and test their trick skills.

    You can turn it into a fancy party by providing guests with individual dishes for water placed on paper doilies. Bake some simple yet scrumptious snacks for your pup’s friends.

    When you have a few very close buddies over, consider getting a toy bundle to share. Your dog’s besties can take home their favorite toys as parting gifts.

    Shelter Soirée

    National Dog Party Day is the perfect opportunity to share the love with those less fortunate. Reach out to your local shelter or rescue about throwing a little party for canines in need. Depending on the logistics, you may have to leave your dog at home. (That’s okay. You can bring home new smells on your jeans for us.)

    Snacks and toy donations can bring comfort to dogs who are struggling. Coordinate with other pet parents and community members to have an even greater impact. You can see more about the party we threw for some rescue friends here.

    If you’d like to help some dogs in need and get some toys for sharing, check out our Sunshine Bundle. For the month of June, all proceeds from the Sunshine Bundle benefit Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization (SPARRO).

    No matter how you choose to spend National Dog Party Day, remember your buddy celebrates you every day. That’s why you’re greeting with wiggly butts and face licks all the time.

    Until next time--

    Chopper & Otis