New Pack Member? Throw a Puppy Shower

Otis here. Have you adopted a new best friend? Has your two-legged pal welcomed a new four-legged bundle of joy?

Celebrate this new friend with a puppy shower, because why should babies have all the fun? You can have an event in your home, yard or online!

Hosting Your Puppy Shower

First and foremost, you’ll need a puppy-proof spot for your party. Pick up things you won’t want chomped by visitors. Decorate for fun by keeping streamers and signs out of dog reach.

Set up some light entertainment in the background. You can make a dog-themed playlist or put on a movie that has dog stars. Keep the volume low so guests can visit.

Have snacks suitable for all guests. No chocolate or raisins! Keep people foods limited to things that won’t make canine guests sick. (Our pet parents may be pretty perfect, but they do spill things from time to time.) Place a few dishes of pup treats out for parents to reward their good dogs.

Prepare “doggy bags” with a few treats as a takeaway gift. If your guest list is small, consider adding a small toy like P.L.A.Y. fruit or vegetable or BECO Pets critter.

Chopper & Otis: P.L.A.Y vegetables

Welcome Your Guests

Your guest list can include pet parents and their puppers. (Make sure all guests are very social, just to put the new baby dog at ease.) Limit the list to a few friends so the baby isn’t overwhelmed.

A puppy shower is the perfect opportunity to socialize your new doggo. All of your guests are likely members of the new social circle. Shower games can include fetch, chase and learning new tricks.

Showers often have gifts. Set up a wish list of toys for your new pup. Puppy chew toys and cuddle buddies are great gifts for the young pup. (Check out our Puppy Toys Collection for gift ideas!) Your newly-adopted adult dog might enjoy a wider variety of toys.

Keep your shower to about an hour or ninety minutes. Little puppies spend a lot of time sleeping. Everyone will want a nap after partying. Make sure your guests know a puppy party is about the length of an obedience class.

Chopper & Otis: Recycle Bone

Party Online

In-person parties aren’t always easy. Party space, weather and distance can make coordination tough.

That’s okay. You can have a virtual puppy shower! Send out invitations to your online friends. Schedule a time and day to go live on social media, introducing the world to your pup.

Share your wish list with your friends and family. Open at least one puppy shower gift for your friend on camera and see how the dog likes it. An online shower can be shorter than an in-person event, allowing about twenty minutes for everyone to see your dog’s playful personality.

From Chopper and me, our best wishes for your new pack member!

Until next time--

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