More Than Fun & Games: Le Sharma Trading Inc.

Greetings from me, Chopper. I want to share some bark and soul by introducing you to our toy supplier, Le Sharma Trading Inc.

Better Than Licking Wounds

Nepal has suffered from political unrest and damaging earthquakes. The impact of poverty can be felt throughout the country. The tough times are enough to make you whimper.

With the difficulties in the region, it is curious that women are mostly limited to working on the household. Their own income could improve conditions, but they’re not expected to work.

Le Sharma created an awesome opportunity for the Mount Everest region locals to have a better life by making colorful, natural toys that Otis and I want to share with you. These toys are responsibly made and help area farmers and Nepalese women.

Chopper & Otis | Le Sharma | Eco Bonele
Chopper & Otis | Le Sharma | Eco Ring

Toys Made to Share

Otis and I love these toys so much that I can’t help barking about them. Le Sharma’s Eco-Friendly Pet Toys are made from 100% wool. They’re great for chewing and made from renewable resources.

These toys are richly colorful. All dyes used come from natural, chemical-free, human-grade vegetable dyes. They contain no carcinogens. The dyes don’t pollute the Earth, which means they won’t pollute your pup.

True Neighborhood Watch

Le Sharma is dedicated to social welfare. They empower women through employment in a safe environment. They can afford to send their children to school with the fair wages earned at Le Sharma. These women can also save for the future. Their talent in hand making these adorable toys is their path to better lives.

Le Sharma is also dedicated to feeding street dogs inside the Kathmandu Valley. Tens of thousands of canines need some food, kindness and care. The Dog Feeding Campaigns Project is designed to fill the bellies of those pups.

Chopper & Otis | Le Sharma | Eco Two-Headed Tuggies - Monkey
Chopper & Otis | Le Sharma | Rattle ball - Fox

Three Wags for Le Sharma! Yip Yip Hooray!

We are proud to carry Le Sharma’s well-made and earth-friendly toys. Every toy you purchase for your best friend helps improve lives of humans and canines. And, these toys are fun for you and your pet.

My bestie, Rube & Louis, loves the rattle ball from Le Sharma too!

For more details on Le Sharma, check out these videos

Until next time--

Chopper & Otis

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