Meet Awoo Pets: A Modern, Ethical, And Sustainable Pet Brand

    We at Chopper and Otis love to add eco-friendly brands to our collection, and Awoo Pets is no exception. Awoo Pets dog toys are biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. They are the dog toys that have it all.

    Chopper Tugging With Archie, Otis Tugging with Noodle

    The Backstory

    Awoo—pronounced ahh-woo—is a small, women-owned pet company run by two dog moms, Mallory MacDonald and Francine Evans, who were tired of how difficult it was to find sustainably-made pet essentials that looked as good as the ethics that went into making them.


    The US- and UK-based duo decided to put their skills in crafting and designing jewelry into the pet industry, where they could upgrade conventional pet accessories into products that matched an eco-friendly, modern lifestyle.

    Ethical and Sustainable Pet Products

    The ingredients that go into making dog products start at the source and go through a series of manufacturing processes that ultimately arrive in the mail to your home. Here's a quick look at how Awoo goes above and beyond to ensure that the products you receive are sustainable from start to finish.

    High-Quality Ingredients 

    All of Awoo's dog toys are made from 100% woolsourced from humane companies Fuhrmann and New Zealand Wool Services. Wool is a renewable material, and since Awoo uses 100% natural wool without manmade additives, the toys are biodegradable and recyclable.

    The dyes used in the dog toys contain a combination of natural and synthetic dyes that have been tested and certified under these textile standards:

    Awoo Pets Wool Felt Dog Toys on Chopper & Otis

    The Manufacturing Process

    Awoo ensures its products are made under the most rigorous standards through partnering with GoodWeave—a grassroots company whose mission is to stop child labor and improve working conditions for companies worldwide. 

    Each dog toy is hand-made by a co-op of female artisans in Nepal. GoodWeave strives to remove discrimination from the workplace by helping women receive fair pay and protecting children from child labor.

    Giving Back to the Community

    Awoo doesn't stop at responsibly-managed products; it also nurtures the community by partnering with non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of pets. 

    The company currently partners with Muddy Paws Rescue, an organization that helps rehome dogs through fostering and adoption. In the past, Awoo has also helped raise funds for American Humane, Paws with a Cause, and Pet Partners

    Did Somebody Say Heart “felt” Dog Toys?

    Awoo's high-quality, eco-friendly dog toys put the ahh-woo in your pet's happy howl. The brand's 100% wool felt dog toys are perfect for the modern dog living a modern dog lifestyle.

    These dog toys are perfect for the modern dog living a modern dog lifestyle. From photo props in your minimalist living room to simply relaxing knowing your dog is playing with a toy that is both responsibly sourced and beautifully designed, you and your doggo will simply love Awoo's latest and greatest pet essentials.

    Felt Bone Wool Toy

    Awoo Pets Wool Felt Bone Toy

    The classic bone felt toy is handcrafted by female artisans in Nepal. This dog favorite is 6 inches long and just over 2 inches thick making it ideal for small to medium size dogs. The bone comes in 5 fun colors. Your dog can chew away at this fun, durable bone, as it contains a non-toxic, digestible dye and even helps keep your dog's teeth nice and clean with its textured, solid felt fiber! Fetch, tug, and watch as your dog plays with the exciting toy!

    Felt Link Wool Toy

    Awoo Pets Wool Felt Link Toy

    Designed for medium to large dogs, the link felt toy also helps clean your dog's teeth while providing hours of fun with its durable, sustainably-made wool. The link felt toy is roughly ten inches long with each ring measuring around 3.75 inches by 5 inches with a thickness of around 1.25 inches. 

    Like all the toys in this collection, the felt link is a squeaker- and stuffing-free toy made of naturally-scented solid wool. The three-piece design of this toy will keep your dog engaged as it jiggles back and forth, and it's great for dogs who love a game of tug-of-war!

    Felt Noodle Wool Toy

    The noodle felt toy is approximately 9.5 inches long and 1.75 inches thick and is designed for medium to large dogs. This felt toy is wiggly, durable, and sourced from GoodWeave-certified factories that use the most eco-conscious materials available to create a product that is cleanly made and easy to recycle. 

    Choose from an array of pastel colors that invite a gentle, modernist touch to your home while also serving as a three-in-one—chew, toss, and tug—play toy for your dog.

    Felt Archie Wool Toy

    Small to medium sized dogs rejoice! The archie felt toy is shaped like a horseshoe and comes with all the fun and teeth-cleaning benefits that the bigger toys have, only it's perfect for smaller dogs. The toy is roughly 5 by 4.5 inches and 1.5 inches thick, making it ideal for dogs to chew on and chase.

    Safety Is the Best Policy

    Though the 100% natural wool and non-toxic dye are digestible, meaning when dogs accidentally swallow pieces of the toy, it is less likely to cause harm, the toy is not edible. If your dog tries to eat the toy, always take the toy away.


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