Kids' Best Friend: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffies, is a popular and gentle breed in the terrier group. They are very loving, docile, playful, fun-loving, protective of their owners and their kids. Staffies have a personality that you'd find in a small child rather than a dog! They are one of the best companion dogs.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Facts.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, sweetly nicknamed the "Nanny Dog", has a soft heart for children. In fact, many rescues and rehome centers would recommend them to families with children. Staffies have a generous lifespan of a maximum of 14 years. They are great for experienced dog owners. This breed does not tolerate being alone for long periods of time. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier does well in both hot and cool climates. Always remember when taking your Staffordshire for a walk to bring along water and treats so they can take a small break without getting too tired or overheated. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is extremely friendly to strangers as well as their own family. They are incredibly loving and great with children. While tolerable of other dogs, they tend to be more of a people-dog. The Nanny Dog is a medium-sized canine that is very easy to groom. They tend to shed and drool a fair bit, but they love to be groomed and won't give you too much trouble.

Other Important Breed Information for Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The breed is fairly easy to train. They need a lot of exercise, however while they are out and exercising, they are not known to go after prey nor are they known to be mouthy and defiant with their family. They have a tendency to howl and bark, especially if left alone for a period of time, but they are very obedient and listen when they are told to settle down. They have a high energy level, which means they need tons of play and time outside. This breed is also known for wandering, so it is vital they are never left alone outside or taken on a walk without their leash.

Their Play Style.

The Nanny Dog has a very wild and fun play style. Much like the rest of the Bull Terrier breed, they are into physical play, such as rough-housing and running around. They love to wrestle and play fetch, with dogs or their owners. The breed is known to jump and tackle their owners playfully when they are in the mood to play, and they will let you know in their own special way what type of play they are seeking for the day. Three favorite types of play that the Nanny Dog loves is tug-of-war, fetching with a good Frisbee or ball, and wrestling with their family. The breed will sneeze and huff when they are letting you know that they are just playing and don’t want to hurt you. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier's favorite toys can include a Beco Ball, a Pop Top Tug Toy, or even a Flat Tire Flyer. If you're busy, give them a treat-stuffed puzzle toy, they will be entertained for hours.  They can play for hours at a time, and love to be active outside and play with other dogs when taken to a dog park. You will surely see a different, funny side to your Staffordshire when it is time to play.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a wonderful breed with high-energy play styles. You and your Staffordshire are sure to enjoy life and each other's company while navigating your day-to-day activities. You can't go wrong with a friend like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier!

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