Jolly, Good, and Jolly Good: Beco Pets Ethical Toys

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Otis here. Chopper and I have a mission with our little company. We want to make the world a better place through play. That’s why we carry eco-friendly, ethically made products for pups and their people.

We’re excited to bring products from Beco Pets across the pond for you!

Chemical-Free Chomping

I’m going to be completely honest. Not all dogs are known for being particular about what they put in their mouths. (Some of us swear by the tastiness of cat poop.) We’re very trusting with the things in our world. We want to taste, chew and carry things.

Beco Pets recognizes our curiosity. Their Beco Balls are made from all-natural rubber and rice husk fibers. No chemicals. Durable yet soft enough for dog mouths, these toys are ethically made and fun. (Chopper is a fan of the treat pocket in the wobbly balls.)

They have a Rope Ball for fetch when your athletic best friend has more endurance than you do. The rope is made from all-natural cotton so it’s gentle but sturdy.

You can feel good about what we put in our mouths when we’re playing with Beco Pets toys.

Buddies by the Bundle

Chopper and I try to do our part to recycle and protect our friends in nature from rubbish. We’re wagging our tushes over how Beco Pets makes their soft toys.

Beco Family critters are made of single-use plastic, recycled into fun things for pups. Plastic bottles are melted down and stretched into cotton-like fibers. These fibers are woven into a double-stitched cloth. The soft cloth makes up the bodies of the Beco Family menagerie of potential best friends for your dog.

Chopper & Otis playing with Beco Pet George The Girraffe

These cuddly toys are stuffed with recycled bottles as well. To make stuffing, recycled bottles are chopped up and ground into tiny flakes. These flakes are churned into fluff to fill toys. We love that Beco Family toys are helping to beat plastic pollution.

Doing Good in Their Neighborhood

Beco Pets Foundation was formed to help London causes, charities and initiatives create a better environment and improve the lives of animals. They give back 5% of all profits to local community, animal and environmental causes. Your Beco Pets purchase helps improve the lives of animals and their habitat.

We welcome Beco Pets toys to Chopper & Otis. Pup pup, cheerio!

Chopper & Otis: Beco Family George The Geraffe

Until next time--

Chopper & Otis

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