Having Fun While Doing Good: Pawty with NEBTR

Taking Care of Friends: Our Event with Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue

Otis here. Chopper and I are very fortunate. We have a human mom who dotes on us, a great company that sells ethical products, and plenty of creature comforts. We’re so lucky in life that we wanted to share the love.

We recently held a little backyard party for some friends from Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue.

Everybody Loves a Pawty

We were joined by a representative of Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR), her Boston Terrier and her foster Boston pup, Sinclair. We donated a few boxes of toys from our store to NEBTR for foster dogs. Everyone was decked out in their most comfortable harnesses, ready to sniff, romp and roll.

Chopper & Otis: NEBTR Sinclair

A pawty isn’t complete without treats. Our mom made chicken biscuits and apple-yogurt ice bites for Chopper and me to enjoy with our Boston Terrier buddies. (We’ll share some of Mom’s recipes with you soon.)

Our NEBTR friends were excellent guests—they brought pupcakes! Our pawty timed out with one of our guest’s birthdays!

Chopper & Otis: NEBTR Sinclair

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue: Helping Buddies in Need

NEBTR is comprised of volunteers based in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They aid Boston Terriers in need.

Their main priority is serving the needs of individual dogs in their care. They work to help rescues find a family love connection suitable for each pup’s situation.

Many people would love to foster a dog and assist in recovery for that doggo. Of course, not everyone can bring a new buddy into their home. NEBTR has the Virtual Foster Program set up for people to virtually sponsor a Boston Terrier with financial support.

Virtual sponsorship funds help cover the cost for the chosen dog. Those funds go directly to that doggo’s care.

Sinclair: A Special Best Friend

We spent plenty of time playing with Sinclair. He’s a sweet little dude who is still receiving medical treatment.

Our new friend Sinclair was once a stray. He has an enlarged heart and glaucoma in his right eye. He’s experienced a few mild seizures recently. He’s currently on a few medications to treat his conditions.

Sinclair is still a spirited guy. He loves to play with the dogs and cats in his foster home. He’s generous with kisses and hugs. He’s finding lots of love in his foster home.

You can become a virtual sponsor for Sinclair NEBTR Sinclair Virtual Foster.

Chopper & Otis: NEBTR Sinclair

We had a blast making new friends and making pups in need happy!

Until next time--

Chopper & Otis

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