Gnawing on Nasties?

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    Watch Out for Toxic Dog Toys.

    Chopper & Otis: Non-toxic toys

    Chopper here. It’s time to talk toys and toxins. Here at Chopper & Otis, we are all for player safety, encouraging pups to play while reducing worry for pet parents.

    Not only are we driven to represent brands whose ideologies about the environment fit our own, we are also delighted that these toys aren’t bad for your buddy.

    Chew on This

    You may be surprised by the number of toy manufacturers in the world who aren’t as worried about what’s inside their pet toys. With no regulating body for pet bedding and toys in the United States, it’s your job as the parent to make smart choices for us.

    While your furniture polish may not be dog safe, it isn’t intended to serve as a chew toy. Why would you knowingly give your best friend something toxic for mouth play? Find out about the contents of any toy you buy. Be mindful of cheap toys made in the U.S. or toys made overseas.

    Sniff Out the Truth

    So far, there is no clear indication or evidence that the leads and toxins have real risk to pets. There have been reported to find leads and toxins in dog toys though out the year. A few lead toxins that we work hard to sniff out are Phthalates/PVC and Bisphenol-A (BPA).

    Inspect the label of any toy before purchasing in the store. (We’ll tell you what’s in the toys we carry on the individual toy pages.) If you aren’t satisfied by the label, it’s time to be a dog toy detective.

    • Contact customer service for the manufacturer. Ask questions about the contents and pet safety.
    • Find out if the toy may have been recalled. The FDA lists toys that have been removed by the manufacturer voluntarily, along with toys that have been withdrawn due to FDA request or order.
    • If the toy was manufactured prior to 2012, it may have a listing for toxins at Healthy Stuff.

    Trust Your Boston Terrier Buddies

    We take pride in the lines we represent. We sniff out toys that are non-toxic, toys that meet our approval process. Know that we care about your best friend as much as you do.

    Our friends at Le Sharma make all-natural toys. Every toy is made from 100% wool. Chemical-free and human-grade vegetable dyes are used to make these colorful toys bright and fun. You don’t have to worry about carcinogens transferring from toy to pet because there aren’t any.

    Beco Pets boasts chemical-free, chompable toys. Their toys and tugs are made from natural rubber and rice husk. No need to worry about toxins when your pal gnaws on these toys.

    P.L.A.Y. stuffed toys have AZO-free dyes. (AZO dyes produce carcinogens.) They also meet U.S. toy safety manufacturing standards, a system put in place for human toys.

    Planet Dog has devoted their company on producing non-toxic dog toys and founded the Pet Sustainability Coalition with a mission to "Making our planet a better place by unleashing the power of play"

    Review the toys you have on hand for your best friend to make sure there are no toxic toys. We’re happy to help you find fun and safe replacements for your dog’s play needs.

    Chopper & Otis: Non-toxic dog toy brands

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