Best Friend Report: French Bulldog

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    French Bulldogs are one of the most loved breeds on the planet. They are cute, cuddly, and they have a personality that none can compete with. French Bulldogs, in addition, have a very infectious spirit and a love for play time. Do you have a French bulldog and are wondering what to expect when it's time for them to play? Or are you curious as to what a French bulldog is all about? Have no fear. We have all you need to know about this adorable dog breed and their fun loving, infectious play style!

    French Bulldog Facts

    Like most dog breeds, the French bulldog has a sweet nickname; Frenchie! Very simple but very cute. The French bulldog, if kept healthy, can live a minimum of ten years, and a maximum of 14 years (or more!). They adapt very well to most living situations; be it an apartment or house.

    They are pretty sensitive and will be a lap dog when scared or lonely. They do not tolerate being left alone. This will make them yowl and cry until their owner is with them. Frenchie's are very friendly toward dogs, children, and strangers. They are loving little dogs that will get along with anybody. They are not known to drool and are easy to keep groomed, which is a plus. Depending on your climate, bundle your little Frenchie up or bring along the snacks and water if you're in a warmer climate. They thrive in a cool climate; not too warm, not too cold! They have a habit of gaining weight, but as long as you play with them and exercise with them, these little guys will live long, happy, and healthy lives.

    The French Bulldog at Play

    The French bulldog loves to rough house! Whether they are wrestling with fellow dogs, or playing around with their owner, they are feisty, fun loving dogs. They also love to go outside and dig, and they love to play catch! In addition, the French bulldog loves to pad around in water, and they adore walks. They are a breed of dog you can do anything with. A Frenchie's favorite pastime is tug of war with their owners!

    Other Information You Should Know

    Above all, a French bulldog just wants to be with their owner and to play. The best toys for them are toys you can pull and yank on with the (like tug of war toys), and toys that are stimulating and interactive toys, such as the Beco Ball or a Retreads Dino! The Frenchie also loves to nap, so if you want a live stuffed animal to cuddle with when you are sad and just feel down, the French bulldog is the perfect dog for you. The French bulldog, though small, has excellent watchdog qualities, so they make a good protective friend. You are in great hands (or, well, paws) with the Frenchie.

    French Bulldogs are feisty, playful, and love everyone. You will have an adventure every day you are with your French Bulldog. Have fun and cherish the memories you are sure to make with your sweet, lovable Frenchie!

    Until next time--

    Chopper & Otis