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Who’s a Good Supplier? HAE Now!

Otis here. I get to tell you about our t-shirt supplier, HAE Now.

At Chopper & Otis, we like things that are ethical from head to tail. That’s why we paired up with HAE Now to produce our unique design tshirts. HAE Now stands for Humans, Animals & Environment NOW

HAE Now Vision = Our Vision

HAE Now is a true belly scratcher of a company. Their vision is to help, not hurt. They pay fair wages for farmers and millworkers. They feel everyone in the business should have plenty of kibble for a happy life. (Mmmmm kibbles, yum!)

Cuddly, Organic Cotton

HAE Now uses only organic cotton. Organic cotton is super cuddly. Trust me on this one. Chopper and I know all about cuddling. It’s also grown and manufactured in a way that keeps the water and soil safe and free of pesticides.

Reduced Carbon Paw Print

HAE Now also works to reduce their carbon paw print. Products are shipped from mill to warehouse on the ocean because it has the lowest carbon emissions. It draws less on the earth’s resources.

Treat Worthy Practices

They live up to their bark inside the office. They reuse or recycle packing materials and boxes. Everything is energy efficient and built to conserve water and heat. (I can conserve heat. Just give me a blanket.) Minimal paper products are used in the office since paperless, digital and online systems are used.

In fact, all of their office snacks are plant-based, fair trade and organic when possible. Sign me up!

Helping You Take Care of Business

HAE Now is all about carbon offsets to further reduce planetary impact of doing business. They’ve partnered with Native Energy so customers can choose carbon offsets for shipping.

Carbon offsets are a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions not required by law. Carbon offsets are possible by financial support from the carbon offset market. By choosing carbon offsets, it’s like you’re picking up after yourself after you do your business!

We love HAE Now, which is why they are our exclusive supplier. They make us howl with delight.

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Until next time--

Chopper & Otis

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