Eco-Friendly Fall Ball Review

Chopper & Otis: Fall Ball Review

Play ball! Play ball! Play ball! The fall is the start of baseball season and also one of the best times to play catch with pups! In many parts of the world, the cooler weather makes running, jumping, and catching even more fun for dogs and their owners. Playing fetch is great exercise for everyone; it can earn you between 30-200 calories an hour depending on how much running you do. Otis has rounded up our absolutely favorite eco-friendly balls for play time. Purchase before October 25 2018 with code: FALLBALL10 and you’ll receive 10% off your order.

Retreads High Roller

The Retreads High Roller is a textured ball that is easy to fetch. Made of Ecolast post-consumer materials, which derive from recycled bicycle tubes, this wonderful ball floats on water. Molded with awesome treads, the High Roller massages your pup’s gums and is great for chewers and teething puppies! Not only that, the Retreads High Roller has a durable, ToughSqueak internal squeaker and is super easy to clean. Your pooch will love to play with this ball indoors or out on your favorite walk. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, this ball will have your pup skipping naps! Choose from two sizes and two colors: sizes: small – 2.5” and medium – 3.5”. Colors: blue or green.

Otis plays with a small Retreads Ball.

The Beco Ball

The Beco Ball is asymmetrical, giving it some extra wobble to keep your pooch entertained. More importantly, it has a hidey hole for treats. Beco Ball is made from rice husk fibers and natural rubber, so your dog won’t be gnawing on chemicals to get to those treats. This ball comes in a variety of sizes and colors as well: sizes: small – 2”, medium – 2.5”, and large – 3”, extra-large – 3.3”. Colors: pink, blue or green. It is made from non-toxic, recycled materials and great for all dog breeds.

Chopper, Otis and Elton are 7 - 23 lbs and play with medium size.


Planet Dog Recycle Ball

This ball offers incredible options and is perfect for bouncing, tossing and fetching. Its minty flavor is much loved by Chopper, Otis, and Elton. Planet Dog toys are made with non-toxic materials right here in the United States. The company uses recycled products leftover from the toy injection molding process; this makes for some really interesting color variations. Each ball is 100% unique in color. The 3” ball is washable, recyclable and durable enough for the fairly aggressive chewer. It is also completely non-toxic. Planet Dog Recycle balls are available as single balls, or as a value pack. The latter is slightly smaller at 2.5” and contains two balls but is triple the fun. Two balls are tied together with off-spec climbing rope from Sterling Rope in Maine. The roped balls can be tossed, or the balls can be separated and used individually with a quick untying of rope.

Chopper, Otis and Elton are 7 - 23 lbs and love both styles!

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Chopper & Otis

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