Dog Chew Toys: For the Birds?

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    Greetings from me, Chopper. As you know, we’re very active in charitable works. We donate toys to rescues and shelters, and we participate in fundraisers for dogs in need.

    We recently learned of another kind of rescue who needed our help. Did you know that eagles enjoy dog chew toys? Neither did we until we connected up with Grey Snow Eagle House.

    Saving Soaring Majesties: Grey Snow Eagle House

    The bald eagle is a bird of prey native to North America. This beautiful raptor has a wingspan of over five feet. As both the national bird and national animal of the United States, its profile has come to represent liberty, freedom and justice. Once an endangered species, efforts to save the bald eagle have worked. In 2007, this majestic bird was removed from the federal list of endangered species.

    Continued safety of the bald eagle would not be possible without groups like Grey Snow Eagle House in Perkins, Oklahoma. This bird rescue has saved over 100 bald and golden eagles since 2006. They provide education for the public, long-term care and rehabilitation for injured raptors, and research into genetic conservation.

    When Grey Snow Eagle House reached out to us about their efforts, we decided to send a care package for the birds.

    Birds Need Playtime, Too

    Just like dogs, eagles need to play. Young animals learn necessary survival skills through their play tactics. The mental and physical skills required to live in the wild are developed in play. Toys help keep those skills sharp for birds who can be released back into the wild.

    Some rescue eagles are unable to return to wild living and require long-term care. While they don’t have to hunt to survive, toys help maintain mental and physical agility so their quality of life in captivity is top notch.

    Best Chew Toys for the Beak

    Just like dogs, birds love to chew. They’re happiest when their beaks and tongues are occupied. Additionally, their beaks are much like human fingernails as they are constantly growing. Plenty of chewing keeps that beak trim and functional.

    Of course, any bird chew toy has to be durable. We knew our winged friends would love some of our sturdiest dog chew toys.

    Our friends enjoy the SodaPup Original Can Toy. With its hidey hole for snacks, it keeps rascally beaks busy. This toy is made for power chewers and it’s non-toxic.

    The eagles are also huge fans of Cycle Dog Retreads High Roller Plus. This wobbly toy is really sturdy. It also has a perfect spot to hold a stick, giving the birds an extra fun challenge.

    Perhaps you have a winged friend who would enjoy one of these durable chew toys. Of course, dogs enjoy sharpening their “beaks” on these toys as well.

    For more info: Grey Snow Eagle House.

    Until next time--

    Chopper & Otis

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