Do You Have a Smarty Pants Pup?

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    Greetings from me, Chopper. Toy talk time! Some dogs are built for snoozing, while others demand activity. Different personalities have different needs. The smarty pants pup loves to problem solve, and sometimes gets into trouble with his cleverness. (Maybe your dog has planned a crate prison break or figured out how to hop on the counter to steal food.)

    The smarty pants dog craves stimulation. Puzzle treat toys can fill that need.

    Fitness & Fun

    While jogs in the neighborhood and romps at the dog park are enjoyable ways for your dog to work out, varying the routine keeps your pup interested. You can work your dog’s body and mind in tandem.

    All puzzle treat toys require some physical activity. Cycle Dog High Roller Plus is made for rolling, so you can stuff a treat in the center and bowl it across the yard. It’s fun for fetching.

    Chopper & Otis: Cycle Dog High Roller Plus - Wheel Dog Toy

    Earning Rewards

    January is National Train Your Dog Month. The puzzle treat toy is an amazing training aid that can help you train your dog. Much like a child, he will want to earn treats.

    You can work on basics as you load and deliver the toy—sit, stay, wait, down. Give your dog the treat toy once he’s completed the last in the series of actions you require. If your dog is new to commands, just start with ‘sit.’ Layer on more actions once he’s mastered each command and demonstrated he has the patience to execute a short series of instructions.

    These toys are not always intended to be part of the regular toy box. They aren’t always meant for teething and gnawing. Store the puzzle treat toys separately and make them into an event. They’re fun for enticing picky eaters at meal times, distracting sensitive pups from loud noises, and rewarding good behavior.

    One-on-One Time

    Puzzle treat toys are wonderful excuses to spend time with your doggo. In fact, you may have to help him figure out how it works if he struggles or is disinterested at first. Curious pups may need assistance learning how to play.

    Engage with your dog in the early stages of puzzle treat toy play. P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball 2.0 could have both of you pawing to knock the first kibble free. Once your pup understands the process, praise him each time he wiggles a treat out of the toy.

    Be sure to clean and store the puzzle treat toy once the treats are gone and playtime is over. Knock out crumbs to avoid any pests and make sure it’s fresh for the next round. Gentle handwashing with dish soap can clean off slobber and moistened treat crumbles. Since your dog will be eating things that have been placed inside the toy, inspect it regularly for damage. Supervision is advised.

    Trust me, puzzle treat toys can be life changing for a pup. This picky eater vouches for them.

    Until next time--

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