Crushing (and Crunching) 2019

Otis here. Chopper and I love winding down one year and gearing up another. We have some tips for you and your pup to take a bite out of 2019.

Get Fit Together

Dogs love play time. In fact, we love it even more when we share it with you. Get your body moving in the new year and let your pup join you on the journey.

People need at least 20 minutes of walking every day to maintain their current level of fitness. If you want to crush it, lose weight and get strong, it’s time to beef up your walkies. Take your pup out for 10-minute treks in the morning, evening and night. That’s an extra 10 minutes per day to burn off those holiday treats for both you and your pup.

Active play is great for immune systems of people and dogs. Get your heart rate going with some play on all fours. Play tug of war or fetch with us. We’re even down for a game of indoor chase.

You may have a smartphone or watch that is equipped with a fitness tracker. Consider getting one for your best buddy. It might be easier to get yourself off the couch and out the door, so your dog makes his own fitness target. Some trackers allow you to monitor your pup’s fitness levels on your phone, meaning you can see when he ran to the door to bark at the postal carrier.

Clean Up Your Lives

The new year often prompts a new beginning. There are some very simple things you can do that are great for you and your furry friend.

First, it’s time to tidy up around the home. Chopper has ideas on what to do with toys that clutter your floor and don’t get much play (Read More). Throw away any shredded toys or broken games.

Head to your closet and ditch the things you haven’t worn in five years. Send gently-used clothing to thrift stores. Recycle worn clothing by turning it into rags for cleaning. Work to replace your wardrobe with sustainable, organic clothing. (We have some fashionable shirts to get you started.)

Now, look at your garbage habits. If you don’t recycle, it’s time to start. Move away from single-use plastics and find glass or fabric alternatives for food storage. Preparing meals at home is good for your waistline, wallet and the world.

Looking Fur-ward

Set some goals for the new year but be reasonable with yourself. Start small and find success before moving to bigger goals. You and your doggo might have been advised to drop a few pounds for your health. Work to lose five pounds for you and one or two for your pupper. When you’ve succeeded, work on the next doable target.

Additionally, schedule down time. Yes, we want to be active with you. We also want to sit in the backyard and enjoy the cool air, or to curl up on the couch with you as you read a book. Dogs love having quiet moments with their human buddies as well.

Let’s crush (and crunch) it in 2019!

Until next time--

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