Chewing Through an Environmental Problem: Cycle Dog

Chopper & Otis | Cycle Dog | Flat Tire Flyer

Otis here. I’m so excited to share toys with you. Check out the wonderful creations of Cycle Dog.

Stay Out of the Trash!

Over a billion bicycle tubes are made each year. Millions of those tubes are sent to landfills annually.

Bicycles are an environmentally friendly way to get around. (They’re also great targets for barking.) There had to be a way to reduce the rubber tube waste.

Lanette Fidrych of Cycle Dog decided to rescue waste tubes from bike shops to make things for pups. The rubber is antimicrobial and doesn’t get stinky.

Cycle Dog took off like a bird dog! Lanette and Cycle Dog employees recycle rubber tubes from Portland-area bicycle shops. They turn them into amazing stuff in the factory showroom.

Chopper & Otis | Cycle Dog | Duraplush Monsters
Chopper & Otis | Cycle Dog

Best Friend Material

Cycle Dog toys are environmentally friendly. We carry two kinds of Cycle Dog Toys: Duraplush and EcoLast.

Duraplush toys are soft. Stuffing is made from recycled bottles. They’re double-stitched at the seams so they can withstand some hearty chomping. Duraplush Monsters and Fuzzballs are made from a tough two-ply laminate so your best friend won’t have an easy time pulling out the fluff.

Trust me on this one. These Duraplush toys may be soft but they are very sturdy. It usually takes us no time to shred toys, yet we’ve had these for weeks and haven’t reached the cloud-like insides.

Chopper & Otis | Cycle Dog

EcoLast toys are sturdy. They’re made from recycled bike tube rubber. These toys float above the water so they’re great for water fetch with your best buddy. This makes them a great swim target for your buddy.

Select toys have squeakers that are internally molded. They’re built for tough squeak chewing. (This means you don’t have to worry about your pal running through the house with a tiny squeaker that has been freed from the toy.) The squeakers are so durable that you might want to put the toys up at night.

Busy belly toys have places to hide treats, making playtime more challenging and fun. Just tuck a snack inside the toy and your companion will put those problem-solving skills to the test. A solved puzzle means an empty belly for the toy and a tasty reward for your pup.

Cycle Dog: A Real Treat

We’re wagging our tails to share Cycle Dog toys with you. I know your number one pal will love them just as much as mine does. Right, Chopper?

Chopper & Otis | Cycle Dog | Duraplush Fuzzball

I can't hear you. I'm happily drunk with the Duraplush fuzzball.

Until next time--

Chopper & Otis

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