beyondBeanie: Fall Fashion for Our Two-Legged Friends

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    Chopper & Otis: Rainbow Beanie

    Otis here! As cooler temperatures prevail, it’s time to think about staying warm while enjoying the great outdoors.

    We’ve partnered with beyondBeanie to bring colorful hats to the shop. We all want our pet parents to look fashionable when taking us to the dog park, and these co-branded hats do the trick.

    Make No Bones About These Beauties

    Our co-branded beanies are brightly colored and textured, a tribute to the beauty of Bolivia. Hand-crafted by individual artisans in the region, each unique beanie in this line is richly designed. (The artists add a personal touch by signing the tag!)

    These knitted beauties are made from 20% alpaca and 80% acrylic, making them soft yet durable. Your pet parents will love wearing them out in the world, saving you the embarrassment of their “let’s go outside” hairstyle.

    Creating Paw-portunities

    beyondBeanie collaborates with artists from El Alto, La Paz and Cochabamba to create these beanies. Artists are Bolivian women in rural areas and/or disadvantaged communities. They use their weaving and knitting skills to create beautiful products.

    Artists have the privilege of working from home. This means they can bring home the bacon without leaving the house, making it easier to care for their children and families.

    With an estimated two-thirds of the Bolivian population living below the poverty line, beyondBeanie creates meaningful work for women to provide for themselves and their families.

    Chopper & Otis: Rainbow Beanie

    Scratching the Bellies of Hungry Kids

    At Chopper & Otis, we love working with brands that give back to the community. beyondBeanie provides social benefit by providing meals, school supplies, dental care and school uniforms for impoverished children.

    Every beanie you purchase through Chopper & Otis provides five meals to needy children. beyondBeanie’s outreach efforts currently support about 100 children from the Amanacer Salomon Klein child center in Cochabamba, and the children of the rural and impoverished community of Punata.

    We hope you enjoy these beanies as much as we love the co-branding with beyondBeanie. I guarantee your human will look at least 50% less messy-headed in one of these fashionable and colorful hats.

    Until next time--