Best Snacks for Treat Stuffing Dog Toy: What Do You Put In Dog Treat Toys?

    Chopper & Otis: West Paw Qwizl Treat Chew Toy

    It’s no secret that dogs love treats. They also love the challenge of hunting for treats. Dogs are inborn hunters who feel fulfilled by a successful hunt. That’s why dog treat dispensing toys are so beneficial for your furry friend’s brain, body, and mood! Keep your pet’s brain and body actively engaged with puzzle toys developed to reinforce natural foraging behavior.

    Different Foods Fit In Different Puzzles

    Before you decide on which treats to put in your dog’s treat toys, it’s important to consider what kind of puzzle toy is best for your dog.

    If your dog is new to puzzle toys, starting with a beginner toy will keep your dog appropriately engaged. These toys have larger openings and are therefore easier for your dog to retrieve the treats and foods you put inside. For this reason, you will likely use smaller snacks inside beginner toys, and work your way up to the larger snacks when the dog starts to get familiar with how the toy works.

    If your dog already has experience with toy puzzles, it might be worthwhile to purchase a more difficult toy that will ensure that your dog gets the most out of what the toy has to offer. More advanced dog toys often have two steps before releasing the reward. Therefore, you might find yourself putting smaller treats inside more complex toys.

    The Best Foods for Dog Toys

    With your dog’s personality and experience in mind, let’s take a look at the best foods and treats that will both challenge and reward your furry friend.

    1. Paste or Cream Treats

    Putting a thin layer of food inside your dog toy is a great way to keep him entertained. You can fill toys with peanut butter, cream cheese, cream treats, or even canned pumpkin! (Be sure to use real pumpkin and not pumpkin pie, and xylitol-free peanut butter, as xylitol is VERY toxic to pups!)

    Keep in mind that paste treats are often messy, so if you do decide to treat your dog with a paste, make sure your dog has a designated space to enjoy his toy.

    Looking for the perfect paste treat toy? Check out these interactive dog toys.

    The Original Can Toy
    Perfect for puppies and dogs who simply like to chew, the Can Toy is durable and comes in different sizes. It has a hole inside to easily dispense treats, making it easy to insert a soft treat for your dog to munch on

    Chopper & Otis: SodaPup Life Ring Treat Dispenser

    P.S. If your dog REALLY loves to chew, our Magnum Can Toy offers a similar design but is a dog toy treat for super chewers!

    The Wire Nut and Life Ring Treat Dispenser are a few other toys that make using paste treats a fun endeavor for your pup.

    2. Frozen Fruits

    Keep your dog cool on a hot summer day with frozen fruit. Not only will frozen fruit treats give your dog a tasty snack, but by adding it to his favorite toy, he also gets the benefits of engaging his brain. There are lots of fruits your dog can safely consume- just avoid giving your pup grapes or cherries! A few favorites are strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and banana.

    Be sure not to give your dog too much fruit, as most fruits contain lots of natural sugar. If you’re worried about your dog’s sugar, try giving him frozen veggies like cucumbers instead! Simply peel, slice, and remove the seeds prior to freezing for a healthy alternative. See our pick for top 10 fruits for dogs.

    The Toppl Treat Toy, Football Durable Chew Toy, and Beco Ball are great treat dispensing dog toys for solid foods like frozen fruit.

    Chopper & Otis: Cycle Dog Retreat High Roller Plus Treat Toy

    3. Soft or Chewy Treats

    If your dog likes to chewy treats, try using beef or chicken jerky to satisfy his need to nibble. You can even use dehydrated fruits and veggies, like papaya or carrots, to give your dog a healthy, chewy snack that’s packed with vitamins.

    For dogs who enjoy soft foods, there are many blended treats to choose from. Whether your dog likes milk bones or blended meats and grains, soft and chewy treats are often compact and come in conveniently small sizes. This makes them the perfect fit for interactive toys!

    Check out these puzzle toys that are designed for soft and chewy treats:
    Qwizl Treat Toy, Retread High Roller Plus and Gear Treat Holder & Chew Toy
    These toys are designed to challenge your pup and keep the treats from being quickly eaten. With inner ridges to secure dog treats of varying sizes, your dog will be determined to get the yummy food out while enjoying the satisfying chew time.

    4. Dry Dog Treats

    Dry dog treats are common treats to reward dogs. Why not kick it up a notch and put dry treats into interactive dog treat toys? Toys that utilize dry dog treats are often more challenging. Owners can switch the difficulty level by increasing the treat size. Let’s have a look at some of the best dog toy treat dispensers for your smart pooch.

    P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball 2.0
    The Wobble Ball offers your dog an opportunity to use his brain. Simply drop some dog treats inside and watch as your dog nudges, spins, and paws the treats out of the three-hole dispenser. Your dog will be entertained and rewarded for a job well done.

    Orbee-Tuff Mazee 
    Pop in a few dry treats for your dog and let him roll around the colorful maze to free his prize! He’ll go crazy for this rattling toy as it spins around and releases tasty treats.

    5. Pupsicles

    The perfect summer treat for your pup is a popsicle. Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate, Original Can Toy and Roasted Turkey Chew Toy are perfect for pupsicles. There are many ways to make pupsicles! Below is a recipe from Modern Dog that will leave your dog begging for more. 

    Poochie Pupsicles Recipe


    • 1 ripe banana
    • 4 cups orange juice
    • 1/2 cup plain yogurt

    Puree all ingredients in a blender—or simply mash the banana by hand and combine with the juice and yogurt—then pour into a popsicle mold, freeze, and serve to your favorite hot dogs.

    If you want to switch it up, try substituting bananas with blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, or pineapple. You can also throw in some peanut butter or use an applesauce base!

    Finding The Perfect Fit

    There are so many ways to incorporate dog treats and foods into your dog’s diet. Every dog has his own personality and interests, and finding a dog treat dispenser that both engages and satisfies your dog’s needs is super important!

    Because of the sheer number of interactive treat puzzles out there, it can be hard knowing where to start. Feel free to reach out to us for help in selecting the perfect toy for your special pup!

    Until next time--