Best Friend Report: Golden Retriever

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    Greetings from me, Chopper. Today I’m barking the wonders of your best friend, the Golden Retriever. Often referred to as Goldens, these pups are as versatile as a blonde fashion doll—they befriend, sport and play, all while their gorgeous blond locks float in the wind.

    Goldens are very obedient, which has landed them starring roles in films like Homeward Bound and the Air Bud series. They’ve been employed as rescue dogs after 9/11. There’s a reason they’re a favorite.

    Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland is credited with creating the modern Golden Retriever. A Yellow Retriever named Nous fathered four radiant pups with a Tweed Water Spaniel called Belle. Sprinkles of Irish Setter, Lab and spaniels were thrown into the mix, creating the pretty and popular Golden we have today.

    Golden Temperament and Play Style

    The Golden Retriever is a true “get-along” dog, making fast friends with kids, cats and other dogs when socialized with all of them. She’s loyal and eager-to-please, which means she enjoys learning tricks to make you happy. Because she’s very social, she needs to be in situations where she won’t get lonely.

    The Golden is the perfect dog for the playground. She tends to get along with everyone. She does well at the dog park. (If you have children, they can take turns wearing each other out in your back yard.)

    Golden Retrievers love to accessorize, carrying things in their mouths. Lean into her fashionable nature with Instagram-inspiring toys from P.L.A.Y. Pair your popular pup with the beloved Duraplush Fuzzball.

    Playtime Notes for the Golden Retriever

    With boundless athleticism and a happy hand-mouth, the Golden is a champion at fetch. Protect her health with non-toxic fetchers. Clean her toys regularly.

    Their wonderful, wavy hair may be fun to brush, but it does have its drawbacks. Your active buddy can collect burs and ticks from a romp through the woods. Make sure your pup doesn’t mind being checked over after an adventure.

    And, pay attention to those floppy ears after a trip to the lake. They are prone to ear infections.

    Your Golden Retriever Best Friends

    We asked and you told us all about your buddies! You’ve assured us that these blondes are not only gorgeous, but they also have wonderful personalities.

    Zahava is “a beautiful and loving English Golden Retriever.” (by Stormy Washington @myenglishgoldens)

    Luna is battling kidney disease. “I’m a fighter though!” Her human-mom boasts of Luna’s sweetness. (by Megan @megan_porta10)

    Maddie is still a pupster, and “the sweetest little girl. She loves her walks and playing outside. Everything and everyone make her happy.” (by Deb Zillges @dzillges)

    Bailey is also in puppyhood, is “full of energy and loves to have her photo taken.” (by Jackson Lanier @jack_a_lanier)

    Maggie has endured hip and knee troubles since she was a pup. “Despite this, she continues to live a great life alongside our other dogs.” (by Carly @Carly_stave)

    Until next time--

    Chopper & Otis