Best Friend Report: Australian Shepherd

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    Greetings from me, Chopper. We’re exploring dog breeds and how they play. We thought the smartest way to get to know new best friends was through our human pals. We’ll be reporting on different kinds of doggos so you can get to know them a little better.

    Our first featured best friend is the Australian Shepherd. While labeled the Australian Shepherd, this working dog was bred around the time of the Gold Rush to herd livestock in the western United States. The Aussie is associated with Western culture and cowboys because of its popularity in rodeos, Western films and television.

    Aussie Temperament and Play Style

    This breed was designed to keep horses and cows in check in the great, wide open. They need to run and engage their intelligence. The Aussie is here to work. He needs lots of exercise to burn off all of his energy.

    Agility training is perfect for these guys, tapping into their smarts and eagerness to get a job done. They’re happiest when they’re busy. In fact, they get bored easily and can be destructive. You have to deliver plenty of playtime, so they don’t trash your fancy couch while you’re at work. (Day camp is a great idea if you don’t have a yard.)

    The Aussie might challenge you for dominance, so socialize and teach him how to play early. Don’t be surprised if he tries to trick you, human.

    We recommend sturdy toys for fetching and puzzle toys for engaging the Aussie’s problem-solving ability.

    Playtime Notes for the Australian Shepherd

    They’re smart and energetic, but they need to have that energy and attention focused. Start training early and look for ways to keep them challenged. A couple West Paw Topple Treat Toys can be used individually, then later combined when it’s time to make things tougher for your genius.

    Aussies like to roam, so be wise when you play fetch. Make sure your buddy knows to come when called and stick to dog parks and fenced areas until you’re certain he won’t get wanderlust while playing.

    The Aussie wants to work and was bred to wrangle other animals. He may get nippy because he wants to herd. Be mindful when training. He will herd your children unless you start training him otherwise during puppyhood.

    This dog will hoodwink you. Watch for his trickery.

    Your Australian Shepherd Best Friends

    We asked you to share your best friends with us, so we’re sharing your insights about your perfect pal. For parents seeking a new buddy, these parents help you know more about the breed by sharing the charming traits of the Australian Shepherd.

    Esmae Grace is “a furball full of energy. She is a very sweet little girl.” (IG: @rayelynnearp) 

    Rooney is “super smart, always the head of his class! He is also a big trickster.”He keeps his human parents on their toes. (IG: @crystal.stafford)

    Diesel is a rescue living his best outdoorsy life. He “loves to play ball and has two horse siblings he loves!” (IG: @dieseltheaussiedog)

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