Are Plush Toys Safe for Chewers? Know Your Dog's Play Style

    We are often asked if Duraplush is made for chewers. Here we put together an article all about the plush toys for safe playtime.

    Whether your dog loves cuddling up with a snuggle buddy or loves to throw the toy around a little bit, one thing’s for sure—plush toys are here to stay. But as with all plush dog toys, some are more durable and safe than others. Here’s what you need to know to choose the best stuffed toy for your dog.

    Plush Dog Toy Basics

    First off, what exactly is a plush dog toy, and how is this type of toy different from other dog toys out there? At Chopper and Otis, we call plush dog toys “snuggle buddies” because plush toys have soft features that make them ideal for gentle chewers and cuddly dogs

    Snuggle buddies are perfect for pups who feel close to their toys and enjoy carrying plush lovies around with them. They come in all kinds of styles, shapes, and characters. Some plush toys have squeakers, crunchy noises, or funny sounds to entertain your dog during playtime, while other toys are quiet and made for snuggling up and taking a nap.

    If your dog is a power chewer who will chew through almost anything, other types of dog toys with highlighted chew strength, like Toys for Tough Chewers and Toys for Power Chewers, are more suitable for your dog’s play style.

    Chopper with all three sizes fuzzballs

    The Dos of Plush Toys for Dogs

    Before you give your dog a new plush toy, here are some tips on how to make plush toys a fun (and safe) activity for dogs:

    • Do choose the right type of toy for your dog.Your dog is truly a snowflake, with no two dogs having the exact same bite, chewing habits, or energy levels. Make sure you choose a plush toy that meets your dog’s needs. Some plush toys are for gentle chewing, while others are more suitable for rough playing.
    • Do routinely clean and inspect your dog toys.There’s no way around it: plush toys just get dirty faster than hard rubber or plastic toys! Check toys every other week for signs of wear and tear and toss those soft toys in the wash to keep toys clean and fresh for your pup.
    • Do rotate your dog’s toys. Toy rotation is a great way to keep toys exciting and preserve the life out of your dog’s favorite toys. Give your dog a mixture of toys—maybe one plush snuggle buddy, one fetching friend, a puzzle toy, and one chew challenger—to stimulate your dog and provide a variety of toys.
    • Do pay extra close attention to squeaky toys.For your curious, problem-solving dog, a squeaky toy can quickly become a mystery worthy of playing detective. Watch your dog extra close if the plush toy has a squeaker, as your dog might try to tear the toy apart to get to the source of the sound.

    The Don’t of Plush Toys for Dogs

    As with all playtime fun, your dog’s safety should be number one! So, check out these “don’ts” for playing with plush dog toys:

    • Don’t let your dog play unattended. Your dog should always be supervised with any toy, be it a plush toy for gentle chewers or the toughest toy known to ‘dogkind’!
    • Don’t give your dog any old stuffed animal. Giving your dog your kid’s stuffed animal instead of a toy designed for dogs can cause many safety problems. The fur can shed off more easily, the seams might not be as durable, and there could be glass eyes or other parts that can make your dog choke or break a tooth.
    • Don’t choose any size toy.A rule of thumb is that larger dogs should avoid playing with plush toys for small dogs, as toys that are too small for your pup become choking hazards. Likewise, plush toys that are too big for your smaller dog can strain your dog’s jaws leaving them sore. However, if your dog's super energetic and that you believe he/she can be more stimulated with the side up or size down toy, you know your dog the best. Trust your instinct with your dog.

    Dog with little Bee Duraplush Flower Pack Toy

    Best Plush Dog Toys

    With these safety tips in mind, it’s time to search for your dog’s next snuggly buddy! Here at Chopper and Otis, we have many best-selling plush toys that dogs love to snuggle with, chase, and chew on. Check out a few below:

    Duraplush Mini Flower Toy Pack

    Duraplush Mini Flower Toy Pack

    Winter is on its way out, so what better way to bring in spring than with this adorable flower toy pack? Duraplush’s mini flower toy pack is designed for puppies and smaller dogs (10 pounds and under) and will be sure to serve as the perfect prop for your next Instagram post with your doggo!

    Your bundle includes an orange bee, a fuchsia and blue flower, and a green caterpillar. These springtime snuggle buddies are perfect for napping, as they don’t come with a squeaker. They’re also made in the U.S., double-stitched with hidden, interior seams, and machine- and washer-safe, making cleaning a breeze.

    Spunky Pup Organic Cotton Bunny

    Organic Cotton Bunny by Spunky Pup

    It doesn’t get much cutter than this organic cotton bunny. With Easter fast approaching, this soft bunny is a must-have for your dog’s holiday celebration! Spunky Pup uses organic coconut husk fiber and all-natural vegetable dyes for this beautiful bunny’s brown and cream color options, so you know that your dog is getting a safe, high-quality toy. 

    Oh, and did we mention this toy has TWO squeakers? That’s practically twice the fun!

    P.L.A.Y. Tropical Paradise Flamingo Float

    Tropical Paradis Flamingo Float by PetPlay

    You’re not the only one who’s excited about that summer weather. Help your dog get ready for summertime with P.L.A.Y.’s flamingo pal. This toy features multiple squeakers, a double-layer exterior, t-shirt rope handles, and eco-friendly filling so that your dog gets the best and you can relax knowing this sustainable toy is guilt-free!


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