A Thanksgiving Spent at Home Should Involve Your Dogs Too!

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    Anyone celebrating Thanksgiving with their doggos understands how important it is to have some wonderland barko bites around during hooliday turkey time! For all families with special pups, holiday dinners are special times with that puppo turkey bird. But that goes for doggos too! Chopper and Otis here with some barking good Ol Holiday Tips For You All!

    Understanding Your Doggo's Mind During the Holidays

    Dogs need to be included in family festivities during the holidays. Pet parents can do this by including their doggos in fun family games of hide and seek, as well as by making traditional baked treats that are whimsical and creative. Christmas and holiday dog treats should be made in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes, all with special holiday decorations that are 100% dog safe.

    Most baked holiday dog treats will be conventionally made from flour, salt, sugar, and eggs with a touch of natural coloring. You can also add in healthy ingredients like oats, peanut butter(doesn't contain xylitol or chocolate) and coconut oil. Frosting should be sugar-free. Pet parents can also opt for alternative flours like oats, buckwheat, chickpea flour, and even quinoa. Here are some great holiday ideas from games to dog treat recipes, and quiet time tips from Chopper and Otis!

    Otis and Chopper’s Pumpkin Dog Treats Recipe for Pups

    Today, most dog treats are used for positive dog training, and are usually low-cal options that are small, pocket-safe, and healthy. That said, during the holidays, if your doggo’s favorite flavor is pumpkin or sweet potato, try baking them at home instead in large, flavorful shapes. These can always be broken into smaller bits later on if needed for training.

    Dogs know when you’ve baked for them, and this makes the holidays super dog- friendly. You can even invite other dog parents with your doggos best buddies to come hang out during the holidays, so that you can all share your holiday treats. Here are our favorite doggo holiday treats from our home to yours!

    Sardine Pumpkin Reindeer Recipe for Holiday Pups


    1 can sardines (drained and mashed)
    1 organic-egg
    2 tablespoons organic coconut flour
    2 tablespoons cooked and pureed pumpkin


    Add the coconut flour to the egg and sardine mixture, and blend all ingredients together. Gently roll the dough flat to a ¼ inch thickness with a rolling pin. Use a reindeer cookie cutter to cut out shapes, or you can use any shape that you prefer. Place on greased cookie tray, and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. You can store these holiday treats in the freezer for up to a month, and in the fridge for 4 days.

    For more Holiday Doggo Pumpkin recipes, visit: https://www.puppyleaks.com/pumpkin-dog-treats/

    Chopper and Otis Favorite Family Gathering Holiday Games

    All dogs are different, with some enjoying lots of guests and plenty of family activities, and others wanting time alone with their favorite chew toy. Understanding what makes your doggo happiest during these busy times is key to having a content and calm dog.

    That said, playing family games may not be what your doggo enjoys most. If that’s the case, let him hang out with his special holiday chew toy, but make sure that he has a holiday assortment with lots of interactive dog toys to choose from.

    If you’re like Otis, and enjoy a treat stuffed chew toy, make sure it’s filled with delicious stuffing that may allow for a slight freeze to extend play, chew and drool time. On the other hand, if you’re similar to Chopper, and delight in plush snuggle toys, an assortment of holiday rich dog toys in fun colors that are stimulating, will make all dogs enjoy holiday goofiness.

    Just keep in mind that with numerous dogs, it’s good to allocate enough space for each doggo to enjoy their own dog gifts. You don’t want to end up with dogs fighting over their new toys.

    Now when it comes down to family playtime with doggos, safety around children and pups comes first. Never get your dogs too excited that it’s difficult to calm them down. Organize short games that don’t over-excite children or dogs. Before starting with games like hide-and seek, consider your dog’s personality and anxiety level.


    Here are some tips to consider when playing Holiday Games with your pooch.

    • Is your dog stressed around lots of people and other dogs?
    • Try and avoid inviting aggressive or anxious dogs that may overreact during loud gatherings.
    • Make sure that all the dogs that you invite are compatible with each other, and that your dogs enjoy being around them. You can try this out at home or at the local dog park first.
    • Opt for outdoor holiday festivities with games, since anxious dogs can be kept entertained indoors with a large plush toy.
    • Look at weather, space, and make sure that you have a potty space for dogs set aside at the back end of your garden.
    • Dog-friendly cakes and treats can be served outdoors to minimize indoor mishaps.
    • If holiday guests want to bring over gifts, suggest contributing to a local dog shelter for the holidays.
    • Watch your dog’s body language throughout the gathering to ensure that he’s always comfortable and relaxed.
    • Opt for dog-friendly games and activities so that dogs can participate in the fun.
    • Include a holiday theme that optimizes your holiday festivities.
    • Doggy musical chairs, agility courses, and having fun making clay paw prints with arts and crafts work out well for both children and doggos.

    No Begging During The Holiday Meal

    We adore our dogs, and need to take heed of their personality’s during any busy time when we have guests over. That said, some dogs may beg for food continuously or jump on guests. If you’re short of time to work with a positive dog trainer before the holidays, here are some dog training tips from Victoria Stillwell.

    • No Jumping Up On Guests

    “Most dogs jump on people through sheer excitement and because it is an effective means of getting attention,” says Victoria via Animal Wellness. “But some jump because they feel uneasy when someone new comes into the home, and jumping is an effective way to cope with that discomfort. The best way to stop your dog from jumping up is to ignore her while she’s doing it.” Victoria suggests the following five training steps:

    1. Each time your dog jumps up at you, turn your back.
    2. Do not look at, talk to, or touch your dog at any time. Fold your arms in front of you so that you become boring.
    3. When he stops jumping, wait for three seconds of four paws on the floor, then reward the self-control with your attention.
    4. If he jumps again, repeat the exercise.
    5. Practice this with friends and family members for consistency.
    • Down Time with Doggo
    Similar to small kids, dogs can get over-excited and stressed. They may also tire easily after playing fetch. If your doggo benefits most from a Snuggle Pup toy and can transition from playtime to snuggle time with one, enjoy down time after a day full of doggo fun!
    On the other hand, some pups may prefer an interactive chew toy to help ease anxiety or boredom, and to also help transition to down time. Look out for durable, tough chew toys that are fun and colorful. Squeaker toys work well and combines fun, durability with a tasty challenge of treat dispensers. This also allows for a longer playtime while pet parents relax after a busy day of entertaining.


    It goes without say that play needs to be supervised during the holidays. Keep in mind that all gifted dog toys need to be non-toxic TPE material that is PVC free. First rule of play should always be safety first, then fun, most especially with fetch toys and numerous dogs and pet parents.


    All interactive dog toys and activities should be geared with backyard games that you want to share with your doggo during the holidays. Getting together and inspiring other pet parents to get up and play with their doggos allows for an enriched holiday get together during the holidays!


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