A Few of our Fave-fur-ite Things: Holiday Shopping Guide

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    Chopper & Otis Hanukkah Plush Toy Set

    Otis here! My brother Chopper and I are feeling jolly with our holiday collection. We have a little something for all pups this holiday season.

    All toys in our holiday collection are suitable for pups of all sizes and ages.

    Hanukkah Happiness

    For our Jewish friends, we have a chew-ish little collection of toys. Our Hanukkah Plush Toy Set contains three soft, squeaky and durable toys in iconic motifs—Star of David, menorah and dreidel.

    Christmas Cuddling & Chewing

    Your doggie can help decorate your home with our Christmas-themed toys. Santa’s Little Squeakers in Snowflakes, Peace & Joy, Candy Wrap, Starlight Starbright and Jubilee are colorful pup-friendly ornaments for your tree. Soft yet hearty, these toys can be laundered at the end of the season and stashed for next year. Fun shapes and fabrics are sure to appeal to the most humbug dog.

    Leave out a plate of Duraplush Holiday Cookies for Santa Paws. Three fuzzy “cookies” will quietly delight your buddy. No squeaker means quiet noms.

    For the dog who likes a puzzle, our Cheerful Candy Canes in a sack provide a little challenge. Three squeaky canes make a great gift for the multi-dog home.

    Your pup can even join in on the tree action with the Duraplush Holiday Tree. Right-sized for dog mouths (unlike that cedar from the tree farm), your doggo can put up this tree anywhere.

    The trendsetter pup will love the Duraplush Holiday Springy Light String to brighten things up. Great for the dog who aspires to be like Clark Griswoof, these colorful lights are perfect for stretching and tugging.

    Choper & Otis Gingerbread Man

    Festivus Fur the Rest of Us

    If your family celebrates Winter Solstice, Festivus or other cold-weather holidays, we have toys for any winter occasion.

    Grab a drumstick on this Holiday Turkey for your little turkey and enjoy a tug. Who will win the Festivus Feat of Strength? (Spoiler alert: your doggo wins when you bring home this toy.)

    Ho Ho Ho Hot Chocolate is a wonderful dog-friendly way to enjoy a cup of fun. Come in, grab a blanket and let your buddy cuddle up to you with this soft toy.

    Let your dog join in the yule celebrations with our Yummy Yuletide Log. Squeaky and fun for your fetching friend, this toy is great for end-of-year games.

    Your best friend will enjoy having a “baked” buddy with our Holly Jolly Gingerbread Man. If your dog loves squeakers, this toy is a winner.

    Look Cute for Your Dog

    Winter holidays may include fashionable outings. But, let’s be honest—the goal is to spend most of your time in comfy clothing, so you can cuddle your best buddy.

    No need to embarrass your dog when going on winter walks or hitting the dog park. Get yourself a Rainbow Beanie to make that bedhead fashionable. Class up your vacation wardrobe with a comfy Chopper & Otis branded tee. (Seriously, you don’t have to break them in to soften them.)

    Chopper & Otis Rainbow Beanie

    Whatever you celebrate this winter, we hope you and yours enjoy lots of playtime. Let the fun and games begin!

    Until next time--

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